Active in NWI: Yoga Around the Region

warrior-poseI do love a good Vinyasa. Doing yoga is a relaxing and satisfying workout that has multiple benefits. Not only does it increase flexibility, yoga can increase core strength, relieve pain in certain instances, and help to decrease the risk of injuries from other rigorous workouts. It is the underdog, or downward dog if you will, of fitness.

But where can you go to enjoy a good yoga class? Here is a list of places that you may not have known offer yoga classes. You can go to any of these places in the region to let your inner yogi out.

IU Health La Porte Hospital offers multiple yoga classes. All you need is a Wellness & Rehab center membership. Click here to see their calendar of events to find the next class.

HealthLinc will be holding different Obstetrics Health Education Sessions once a month for the remainder of the year. Some of the topics will include maternal health, yoga, pregnancy, as well as pediatric health. Call 1-888-580-1060 for more information.

Community Hospital Fitness Pointe in Munster – Community Hospital will often offer free yoga and pain management classes. The class is free, but registration is required. Call 219-836-3477 or visit

Outdoor yoga classes are offered at Taltree Arboretum and Gardens in Valparaiso. Start your morning looking out over the lovely landscapes at Taltree while executing a perfect tree pose. Click here to find the next class!

Pumps Fitness in Valparaiso has yoga classes every week. The class size is small and when the sun shines in the fitness room in the morning it makes for an excellent setting.

ActiveinNWINEWThe Hobart Parks Department holds yoga classes at Festival Park and the Community Center. Dates and times vary but the flow does not. Call (219) 942-2987 for more information.

Porter County Parks has Yoga in the Park in Beverly Shores. All levels are welcome to this Hatha yoga class that has an optional Vinyasa flow sequence. Call 219-734-0203 for more information.

Pretty much all of the local YMCAs offer yoga classes. You do need to have a membership to utilize them and other classes, but the cool thing there is that there are LOTS of things that come with a Y membership. Check out different offerings from the local YMCAs in the area.