Active in NWI: Groups or Alone, Workouts Gotta Get Done

Active in NWI: Groups or Alone, Workouts Gotta Get Done
By: Judy Kukelka Last Updated: February 9, 2015

There's something about working out with a group that makes things so much more fun, and there is something therapeutic about exercising alone. I'm an avid runner, and though it's my go-to form of exercise, changing things up is so important and I try to do it often. Lucky for me, I live in a place that has lots of options.NWI offers some of the best races in the area. One of my favorite is the Turkey Trot in Valpo. There are also so many biking/running paths and of course my favorite is hiking at the Dunes. Being Active in NWI, with or without a group, is really easy!

I've always enjoyed running but once I had my kids I couldn't find the time. But as I was getting older I started to notice that my metabolism started to slow down and I started gaining weight and losing energy. I've never been the type to exercise "just because". I have to set a goal and try to achieve it, that's where my love for running came in. My goal is to always beat my time from my previous 5K.

Judy-Kukelka 2To add some variety to my routine, during the summertime I attended a boot camp class that was held at Valplayso and was instructed by a group of active people that were "giving back" to the community. I also enjoy attending Zumba and PiYo classes at the Valpo YMCA. I enjoy motivating other people as well, I hope to continue to provide encouragement to other people that might just be starting out on their journey whether it be through a private Facebook page or part of a group.

On the flip side, most of my active time is my "me time" simply because I work all week and run my three boys around to all their activities. I either workout early in the morning or after I put my kids to bed.

My goal for 2015 is to run a 1/2 marathon. And I would love to do it with my son. My middle son does run all my 5K's with me. That's our "thing" that we do together. In fact, he won first place at the Glow Run in Chesterton this past summer.