Access La Porte County’s Director of Operations Issues Statement on Portable Electronic Devices in 2016

By: Access La Porte County Last Updated: December 15, 2016

Access-La-Porte-CountyAccess La Porte County’s Director of Operations, Mike Dempsey, has issued a release that states that the local television station has redesigned it's online operating system which now enables IOS and Android users to view ALCO's pre-recorded meetings and events on their Portable Electronic Devices (PED's).

“It took a while but I have finished our online programming design in which we have eliminated the Adobe Flash platform and instituted the HTML5 format. All that users have to do now is to use their PED to access our website, which is, and click on the Video On Demand tab. Users will then be directed to our online storage site where all of our meetings and events are stored. Once there, the User can access over 800 videos which our categorized by Folders, in alphabetical or chronological order.”

Dempsey says that this change does not allow the live meetings and events to be accessed on PED's at this time.

"I hope to have the live meetings and events accessible on the PED's after the first of the year, as this is a more expensive venture that we will have to undertake."