A UnitedHealthcare Employee Spotlight: Mike Telesky

A UnitedHealthcare Employee Spotlight: Mike Telesky

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Health Insurance. To some, those are scary words, but to Mike Telesky, Vice President of Key Account Sales and Account Management at UnitedHealthcare, they represent a fulfilling career. With plenty of opportunities to help others, the career presents him with a chance to have more than just a job.

Telesky began with UnitedHealthcare in 2006. Using his military background, strong work ethic, and call to do something bigger than himself, Telesky now leads his team by removing obstacles and ensuring that they have the resources they need.

“I believe that you lead from the front and you remove obstacles so that really good people, people that are smarter than you, can do their job well,” Telesky said. “If I’ve done that throughout the day, help them do their job better, help them be successful, then I think that’s what a great leader needs to do.”

Taking on the role of a leader in the health care industry is all a part of Telesky’s belief that there’s value in being a part of something that is bigger than yourself. Currently he’s involved with the Illinois Restaurant Association, serves as co-chair of the board for the local American Lung Association chapter, is active with Shatterproof, the National Association of Health Underwriters, supports the Valparaiso YMCA, and helps Erin’s Farm Animal Sanctuary in Hobart. His desire to help people surpasses his role in health care and follows through into his daily life.

“I think that has to be a key part, whether it’s your church, your school, your community; just get involved,” Telesky said. “It takes a lot of work but that’s also so rewarding to be involved in something.”

Taking part in each of these activities can be time consuming, but Telesky knows he has the support of UnitedHealthcare in all that he does. With their donation matching program and extensive resources, UnitedHealthcare supports both employees and clients in a myriad of ways.

“I think one of the greatest things [about UnitedHealthcare] is that it has a breadth and depth of resources that are unmatched in the industry,” Telesky said. “So no matter what challenges or problems our clients are facing, we have somewhere internally under one roof to help solve that challenge. It makes it rewarding to be able to get creative and find the right solution that helps people be healthier.”

Ultimately, these resources empower Telesky and his team to do more for their clients and causes they care about.

“They’re incredibly supportive, they encourage board service, they encourage giving back to the community,” Telesky said. “When the company supports you with what you’re passionate about, that makes you feel valued as much more than just an employee, but as an individual.”

As a company, UnitedHealthcare has allowed Telesky and other employees to pursue what they are passionate about. With a team focused on finding solutions for clients, Telesky is working hard to remove obstacles and help everyone, employee and client, be successful.

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