A Toast to Seven Decades of Service

Glasses of sparkling apple juice were raised in honor of over 7 decades of service. Porter employees, volunteers, and well-wishers gathered on the front lawn on the eve of the transition to the new Porter Regional Hospital to say goodbye to the LaPorte campus. “This is wonderful,” smiled Dr. Mary Ann Jones, obstetrician at Physicians for Women, reflecting on her history with the old campus, from her own birth to beginning her career path as a lab tech at Porter. “This is my home, my community, my hospital.

We have an incredible day ahead of us, but before we start it, it’s only fitting to say goodbye,” stated Jonathan Nalli, Porter CEO, addressing the crowd from the building’s front steps. “We’ve had incredible memories here.”

Hospital Chaplain Mike Porter continued reflecting on the hospital’s history and all the lives that have been influenced over the past 73 years. “She [the hospital] has had a life and personality of her own,” he shared, “She has had face lifts and remodeling, has had a few name changes…but she will always be Porter…her memory will live on as we share her story.

You have served us well and honorably,” he closed. “Rest in peace.”

Nalli closed out the ceremony recognizing individuals whose contributions have helped the building to stand over the years, raising his glass in honor of the dedicated service of the doctors and staff. “Tonight we get to say good rest to 814 LaPorte Ave,” he said. “The spirit of healthcare will live on in a new home.