A Spark for Change: Tigger or Eeyore?

sparkforchange rotator4In life, we have two choices. We can either be a Tigger or an Eeyore. It's truly as simple as that. Let's take a look at our options...

tigger-eeyoreTigger: These people are full of life and excitement. They are positive and meet a challenge head on. Life is viewed as overflowing with possibilities. They are fun to be around. To them, life is a gift.

Eeyore: Life is constantly unfair to these people. Nothing goes right nor will it ever. They would rather complain about anything than fix it. They rarely have fun because it takes too much effort to smile/laugh/enjoy themselves.

So, I ask you. Which is it? I am only 26, which should be some of the prime self-obsessed, everyone worry about me, and life only is great when it gives me what I want years; however, I see the overwhelming importance of choosing to be a Tigger. Each day we wake up with a world of possibility at our finger tips, and it is honestly our choice what we do with it. To me, that is exponentially exciting, and I hope you feel the same. Be excited for what could be. Enjoy each moment you have. Love the people you have surrounded yourself with. Work hard and enjoy doing it. Just be happy. We were made to be awesome. I am 100% sure of this.

You get one shot at this life. Make the very best out of what you're given before it passes you by. To some I am sure that I am annoying with my overflowing exuberance, but I absolutely refuse to be an Eeyore. I refuse not to be grateful for what I have. I refuse not to love my family, friends, and students as much as they deserve. I refuse to wallow in self pity. I refuse to not try to be everything I have wanted to be and could be. I encourage you to take the path that finds you essentially bouncing around on your tail. I promise that you'll have at least one person waiting to meet you. :)

Go do great things,