A Spark for Change: Courage Over Comfort

sparkforchange rotator5For a good portion of my life, I have done what is comfortable for me. Comfortable meant taking the easy road, and it also meant knowing I’d always be good at what I was doing. Comfortable didn’t always mean what I wanted to do deep down in my heart. The fear of failure and not being the best had me turning away from the path that led to courage. That is until now.

I implore all of you to ask yourselves which path you continuously find yourself traveling down. Comfort will not fulfill you. Comfort will lead to a life of regrets and wonder. “What could I have done if I would have tried, truly tried?” Courage is what will lead you into the arena and allow you to write YOUR story on the wall.

Courage. This is where the marrow of life lies. Courage is walking blindly towards a future you can only dream about. It has no safety net. You will inevitably be knocked down when you choose courage, not once, but over and over. That’s the pleasure of it though. Who you really are and what you’re really made of lies in those moments when you’re knocked down and have the desire just to revert to comfort because you know it won’t be this hard, yet you stand up and give it another go. That is strength. Courage is strength.

I know there will be time when I tip toe the line between courage and comfort. I know there will be times when I unfortunately take the comfortable path; however, I hope that when it comes to the important aspects of my life, I choose courage. I want to not be afraid to go after what I want. I want to believe in myself and my abilities enough to take those blind steps towards what I want. I want to show up and be seen.

So, again. I implore you to choose courage over comfort. You can’t have both. You won’t regret it.

Go be courageous