A Note from the Michiana Humane Society: A Second Chance for Nanika

By: Michiana Humane Society Last Updated: December 20, 2016

Michiana-Humane-Society-A-Second-Chance-for-NanikaOn Saturday, Rebecca posted this photo on our Facebook page along with this message: "Today marks one year since I went to Michiana Humane Society and brought home a sick, depressed, 17 year old cat. Today, a year later...we have a sassy, spoiled rotten, cuddly, and thriving handsome fellow! Happy 'Gotcha Day' to our dearly loved Nanika! We will forever be grateful to Michiana Humane Society for giving us the opportunity to adopt this guy."

Here's the backstory. Nanika's previous owner had died, and no one in the family was able to take him in. Instead they brought him to MHS. His coat was matted and he was clearly deeply depressed. Staff knew his chances of adoption were slim in that condition. But before making any decisions, they decided to shave his coat and make him more comfortable.

Just that little bit of care turned the tide for Nanika. He moved into the adoption room and Rebecca's family found him and changed his life.

Your gift will make another "Gotcha Day" possible. Thank you for caring.