A LEAP Member Spotlight: Walsh & Kelly Inc.

A LEAP Member Spotlight: Walsh & Kelly Inc.

For over 80 years, asphalt paving company Walsh & Kelly has laid a strong foundation throughout Northwest Indiana. Done with integrity and safety in mind, this family-owned company values the care put into the work they do, knowing its final product is vital to the everyday lives of Indiana residents.

Founded in 1933 by brother-in-laws John Walsh and John Kelly, Walsh & Kelly has had a hand in creating the roads we all drive down every single day. The company takes pride in knowing that, for most Northwest Indiana residents, chances are that they have driven down a road where Walsh & Kelly laid the asphalt down.

“We have five asphalt plants located around Northwest Indiana,” said John Peisker, Vice President of Asphalt Operations. “We do concrete work and provide engineering services, but the cornerstone of our company has always been asphalt.”

With asphalt plants located in Griffith, La Porte, Valparaiso, Lowell, and South Bend, Walsh & Kelly has constructed roads and highways, rehabs roads and bridges in need of updates, and provides general contracting to state, municipal, county highway departments, and private businesses. One of their major clients includes the Indiana Department of Transportation, ensuring the company has a hand in sculpting and connecting the Region.

Walsh & Kelly

And the company does this with safety in mind. Every project begins with the Walsh & Kelly team asking four important questions: Is it safe? Is it honest and done with integrity? Will it build and deliver high quality? Will it build long-term relationships with people, the community, and the industry?

“We do what we say we are going to do. We build things with an eye towards quality and a long-lasting legacy. We want to make sure we are making and meeting requirements and specifications, and we work hard to develop and embrace community relationships.”

“We work hard to not only develop those core values, but we also look for those values when we hire people,” Peisker said. “We develop those values in people and we are working with them as employees and community members. It’s the bedrock of how we operate.”

One way Walsh & Kelly does this is by encouraging and developing relationships within the workplace and in the community. If the child of an employee is volunteering with their local 4-H club and showing cattle, for example, others are encouraged to participate and support the entire family in this endeavor.

Walsh & Kelly

“We really try to invest in the community through our employees and get involved in things that they are involved in,” Peisker said. “Whether it’s marching band, 4-H, or more, we want to be connected. Our employees are already connected to the community, so we look at it as an opportunity to participate and make that connection with our employees and communities deeper.”

For more information about Walsh & Kelly and the services it provides, please visit their website at http://walshkelly.com/.