A LEAP Member Spotlight: Larson-Danielson Construction

A LEAP Member Spotlight: Larson-Danielson Construction

As our world evolves, it is vital for companies in any industry to evolve with it. The ability to adapt with the times and the introduction of new technology is essential to the success of a company. Innovation has been written into Larson-Danielson Construction’s working philosophy since the start. What makes the La Porte-based company stand out, however, is that they pioneered some of the industry-standard processes in use today. From design/build to a cohesive project management plan—the state’s only construction company to offer this service—innovation and adaptability to customers’ needs are written into its values and daily operations.

Founded in 1908 by the Larson brothers, Charles and Frank, and their cousin, Emil Danielson, Larson-Danielson Construction quickly cemented itself as a trustworthy and reliable construction company in La Porte, Indiana.

“Our team has always been driven by meeting the highest standards in our core values: safety, reliability, and leadership,” said Terry Larson, Secretary-Treasurer of Larson-Danielson Construction. “We believe service to the customer is a real and worthy mission. It requires a clear understanding of our clients and their needs. Our reputation and amount of business performed for repeat clients is a testament to meeting this commitment.”

As the company brought the second and third generations of the Larsons and Danielsons into the family business, its services began to expand in the 1950s. What started off as a general contracting business grew into home construction and ready-mix concrete. From there, it ventured into commercial, medical, institutional, and educational construction fields throughout Northwest Indiana and the greater Midwest region, where it continues to offer these services today.

With the expanded services came new techniques and new methods to building and design. Since the 1970s, Larson-Danielson has pioneered the design/build approach, which involves putting a team of architects, engineers, and designers together so the planning, design, and building all comes from a single source, providing a clear oversight from the project’s beginning to its end. This method ensures that a project’s objective is met, and allows the team and company to better understand one’s particular needs. The Larson-Danielson approach continues to evolve to this day, signaling the company’s commitment to finding the best techniques and strategies to complete a project.

“Our in-house design team utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) in lieu of the traditional 2D construction drawings. With BIM, all of our projects are designed in 3D virtual models,” Larson said. “Larson-Danielson has embraced BIM design on all of its design/build projects for over five years. BIM increases efficiencies, and reduces changes and rework later in the project caused by coordination issues.”

“We use innovative construction techniques and practices to bring exceptional value and unique solutions to our projects,” Larson said.

Other services include general-contracting, a dedication to commercial and industrial facility services, and trades like masonry and ironwork. Its comprehensive project management plan is one-of-a-kind, establishing a precedent of having a well-rounded team that provides everything from cost-analysis and risk management to strategy and scheduling. Beyond its innovative nature, the technique speaks to the company’s commitment to providing the very best leadership to its community.

“Teamwork exemplifies our working philosophy. We operate on a team basis, internally and with owners, consultants, and contractors and suppliers, and individual leadership is valued for its contribution to the success of the entire team,” Larson said. “We practice a very collaborative approach on all of our projects that is rooted in partnership, open communication, and trust. We have found these principles lead to high-performing teams that work best together in achieving outstanding results on our projects.”

Larson-Danielson’s focus on teamwork extends into the community as well, doing its part to be involved with organizations like the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership (LEAP) and others that share in its goal to enhance and enrich the community it has been in since 1908.

“This goes beyond the company providing financial support to local organizations, but just as importantly includes the giving of our time and talents to help our communities thrive and grow,” Larson said. “We are fortunate to have many team members give of their time to actively serve organizations that play key roles in making our communities better places to live, work, and play.”