A LaPorte County Life in the Spotlight: Danielle Stark

A LaPorte County Life in the Spotlight: Danielle Stark

As an assistant project manager for the Lazzaro Companies, Inc. in Merrillville and an accomplished photographer in her free time, Danielle Stark truly exemplifies what it means to work hard to achieve your goals and follow your passions.

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Stark primarily does her photography work during the afternoons and weekends when she ​is not working her day job at Lazzaro. Starting out about three years ago, she focused on portraits and family pictures, but ​she also dabbles in commercial photography for local businesses as well.

“Being a photographer while maintaining a full-time job is challenging, but I want this ​to happen,” Stark said. “I’ll do everything I can to work my hardest and take my photography to the next level.”

Stark stated that she worked under another photographer back in high school, which was her doorway to the world of photography. She trained herself and, over time, assembled a quality camera with an assortment of lenses and other trinkets to get her career off the ground.

​The opportunity to develop herself and grow is her primary motivation. She aspires to one day have her own photography studio.

“I get up every morning wanting to do the best I can in everything I do, whether it is in my day job or as a photographer,” Stark said. “Every day from 5 a.m. onwards, it’s full steam ahead.” 

Stark stated that her biggest inspiration is renowned American photographer Annie Leibovitz.

“I’ve adored her and her photography work ever since I was a little kid,” Stark said. “She is someone I really aspire to be like.”

Stark also mentioned that she is open to working with other photographers and creative artists in the Northwest Indiana area.

“I like working with other talented local individuals on projects,” Stark said. “Photography is art. Working with others to create something beautiful is something I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Stark believes that both consistency and devotion are the keys to improvement. Through these, she was able to make photography her own.

“I’ve grown a lot these past couple of years,” Stark said. “It is an amazing feeling to be where I am now. Being able to bring happiness and joy to others through my work makes me content.”

Stark’s Facebook page, “Moments Captured by Danielle Stark,” can be found here.