A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Tim Frame

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Tim Frame

Growing up, it seems everyone has dreams about what kind of career and lifestyle they will have. However, dreams change, and the most exciting part of getting older is learning more about life and about yourself and having the power to follow what you feel. Tim Frame is the harbormaster at the Michigan City Port Authority, but this wasn’t what he thought he was going to do with his life originally. 

Tim Frame grew up in Michigan City and attended Elston High School before going to Valparaiso University for college. Frame worked many different jobs around this time and didn’t know exactly what he would do for his career. After taking a job at the South Lake Marina, one which he thought would be temporary, he thoroughly enjoyed his experience and worked his way up to now being the harbormaster of the Michigan City Port Authority. 

“I took it just as a temporary job, kind of in-between, and ended up here at the top of the Port Authority,” Frame said. 

Frame has worked at the Michigan City Port Authority since 1997, being in the harbormaster position since 2003. Many people may not know exactly the responsibilities of a harbormaster. Frame’s role is to oversee all of the events and things happening at the three marina locations under his jurisdiction: Washington Park Marina, Trail Creek Marina, and Sprague Pointe Marina. Since they are seasonal, everyday Frame and his workers have new jobs to do. 

“What I like about it is its constant variety,” Frame said. “Spring season, we’re fixing whatever got broken over winter. Then we move into summer and it’s more steady; we help out with events. In fall, we start winterizing everything. Then in winter we try to have lined up a handful of maintenance jobs.” 

In summer, Frame’s job tends to take up most of his time. The port has various events that occur in summer, ranging from boat races to fireworks displays. 

Even though they have a specific type of work lined up for each season, they are still constantly encountering new experiences on the job. Outside of work, Frame enjoys staying close to the water. Whether that be the beach, jet skiing, or fishing, he finds a way to stay doing what he loves. 

“Once you find something you like doing, just put your mind to it and try to do it the best you can because you never know what it'll turn into,” Frame said. “I first started working at the marina; it wasn't the Port Authority. You can think you know what you want to do when you're young, but you never know what you will run into later in your life.” 

Keeping an open mind and exploring all different career options is something that Frame strongly supports, and he encourages young people to follow in those steps just as he has. 

To learn more about the Michigan City Port Authority and their events in summer, visit mcmarina.org