A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Sophia Coleman

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Sophia Coleman

Sophia Coleman, who moved here from the United Kingdom in 2015, is a woman who thrives on non-profit work and community engagement. Prior to moving to the United States, she had worked for a number of non-profit organizations and even ran her own business. When she arrived, she found an opportunity with Habitat for Humanity in La Porte, a group she was already familiar with. She is currently the Executive Director.

“I’ve always wanted to help in the community, and Habitat for Humanity makes such a visible impact in their role,” Coleman said. “The way they build homes for those in need brings the people of the community together. It’s wonderful to make something that people can see and really connect to, which strengthens their investment and dedication to aiding the community in these stressful times.”

Coleman explained that her motivation in her daily routine comes from the people who need what her role and her organization provides. In essence, the determination to support and accommodate others is what inspires her.

“The towns here are small but vibrant,” Coleman said. “The people who live here are driven to lift each other up, and there are plenty of organizations in the area that support that notion. It’s a very interesting and exciting opportunity to be part of such a unifying, collaborative effort, and I find it incredibly rewarding as both an employee and as an individual.”

Coleman stated that those coming into the non-profit field should expect a very multi-faceted experience and should be open-minded. However, in roles like these, communication, empathy, and having a solid connection with people is the soul of what you will be doing with your life.

“Both here and in the United Kingdom, my life has been driven by a genuine concern for my fellow human beings and their neighbors,” Coleman said.  “I am someone who believes in the value of education. In my work, I have come across so many different challenges that I have learned many lessons from. In hindsight, these lessons have made me a stronger person in my work and a more whole individual in general.”

Coleman said that one of the most important things that she’s learned in all her years is that people have the same needs no matter the country.

“My personal journey has brought me to the realization that people are always going to need support from others in order to help achieve their goals,” Coleman said. “There’s a very strong human element in my work, and it requires a great deal of empathy to be successful in it. I am so amazed to have seen so many people step up to help the community in the past year in the wake of this crisis.”