A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Sharita O’Neal

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Sharita O’Neal

Sharita O’Neal is profound in her field. O'Neal is a 4th grade teacher at Crichfield Elementary School. Her students are always so thrilled to see her that they are nearly pounding on the doors of her classroom to get in. When her students go home, they always have great things to say and stories to tell their families about her. O'Neal loves to make learning fun and entertaining for her students.

“The goal as a teacher is to keep the children entertained and learning at the same time. I try to accomplish that the best I can,” she said.

O'Neal has not only worked at Crichfield Elementary School, though. She has seven years of working experience at many different places, such as Noah’s Ark Preschool, Juvenile Detention Centers, and at LaPorte High School in the Special Education Department. 

When she looks back at her career history, O’Neal thinks about what she has learned.

“A teacher can never be perfect,” she said. “When teaching, you learn from your students new ways to teach and adapt to circumstances that may be out of your control.” 

The work O'Neal does is important to the future and she is very passionate about it. She believes that what she teaches her students in the classroom is not only academic but social, too. She builds skills that are useful inside and outside of her students’ future careers. O'Neal said that she is building her students’ work ethic and assists in the molding of who they will become.

“They are our future so it’s best to be the best you can while teaching them,” said O'Neal.

O'Neal had many people to thank for where she is now. She said that her team is very impactful and enlightening -- not only through her teaching style but emotionally as well. O'Neal’s sister also played a major role in her life. Her sister was an E.R. Doctor. She inspired and motivated O'Neal to become the teacher and woman she is now. Her sister always told her to “just do it.” This was something that stuck with O'Neal. Without those empowering words from her sister, she would not be on the path she is on today. 

When she is not teaching her class, O'Neal enjoys attending her church, The Christian Fellowship Worship Center. While at church, she plays music with other singers and musicians. However, things have slowed down due to COVID-19. Since then, O'Neal began to help her cousin at Salon Chic in La Porte. She really enjoys keeping busy because she believes the adage, ‘Idle hands are the Devil's workshop.’

O'Neal feels she has a family at Crichfield Elementary School. She is full of love and compassion for the staff and students. Her future can only shine brighter for herself and everyone she meets.