A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Sam Strupeck

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Sam Strupeck

It was merely by chance that Sam Strupeck ended up in the restaurant scene as a teenager. Little did he know that this would later allow him to immerse himself in the Michigan City community as the owner of local staple, Shoreline Brewery.

“I started in the restaurant business when I was a young man at the age of 16 or so,” Strupeck said. “I was washing dishes and learning how to cook. From there, I ended up waiting tables and learned how to bartend after that, so I've gone through and done every job in a restaurant.”

Around 2002, Strupeck jumped at the opportunity to grow his skills in the field when he took a job brewing beer at Aberdeen Brewing Company in Valparaiso, where he realized there he had a knack for the brewing industry. On to his next career endeavor in 2005, Strupeck realized opening his own gastro pub was the best route to take to fill a much needed piece missing in the area. From there, Shoreline was created.

“This started 18 years ago in the gastro pub scene in Northwest Indiana, where that was lacking,” Strupeck said. “We were able to put food up front rather than it being just a secondhand shot for pubs, with a fine dining approach in a casual atmosphere.”

Almost two decades later, Shoreline continues to be a central go-to location for La Porte County and beyond. It’s able to curate an atmosphere for everyone to come and have a delicious meal along with a glass of Shoreline’s classic beer and some friendly company.

“You can come here and be comfortable in a suit - whether that be a swimsuit or a business suit, and neither person is uncomfortable sitting there next to each other,” Strupeck said. “It's a very diverse crowd.”

The vast variety of people Strupeck has met while working at Shoreline is what completes the experience for him. Owning Shoreline has been quite the exciting time, but it’s the people that truly make it feel like home.

“I really enjoy the craft beer industry – it’s a great community,” Strupeck said. “Throughout the years, I've gotten to work with a lot of great people. The customers and the staff make it a fun industry.”

The other part he enjoys? Having his business right in the heart of Michigan City. Located right next to Lake Michigan, Strupeck loves that the city is full of great businesses, full of bustling life and fun activities all year-round.

“In 18 years, Michigan City has evolved a lot. I've really enjoyed watching the city come into itself,” Strupeck said. “It's a great beach community, and there’ve been a lot of great things happening in Michigan City over the years. Just to watch it develop as a community has been a joy, and it’s been a joy to be a part of that.”

When not at Shoreline, Strupeck is likely to be found hanging out in the mountains, one of his favorite natural landscapes. If not there, he still likes to spend his remaining free time outside on the water enjoying some of his favorite activities.

“I'm a pretty avid snowskier,” Strupeck said. “I spend as much time on the mountains as possible. The last few weeks, I was out in the Lake Tahoe area and Colorado before that. I also enjoy spending a lot of time on the water boating and just being outdoors in general. Going to see live entertainment and live music is something I like to do, which has also been an integral part of Shoreline Brewery.”

To learn more about Shoreline Brewery, visit shorelinebrewery.com.