A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Nancy Moldenhauer

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Nancy Moldenhauer

Nancy Moldenhauer’s decades of service have inspired people all over the Region. She works in serving two primary areas of interest: environmentalism and human rights, and she has been involved in organizations that focus on these two areas. She sees herself as a connector between individuals in the community and various organizations, further cementing her status as a true helper of humanity.

Currently, she is the Chair of the Michigan City Sustainability Commission, the Chair of the Michigan City Human Rights Commission, the Co-Chair for the Michigan City-based Celebrating Naomi Anderson project, and one of the Co-Founders of environmental sustainability group Northwest Indiana Green Drinks. Before she retired, she was a Michigan City Area Schools instructor, with her last position being teaching English to immigrant children. She even taught in Japan at one point.

“I’ve always had a passion for serving the community,” Moldenhauer said. “My philosophy in life is one of self-growth. I want to improve every time I work with an organization or cause. Also, I try my best to inspire others in some way.”

Moldenhauer states that her affinity for environmentalism started when she read the book “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson in junior high school. The book detailing heavy topics like potential mass wildlife extinctions resonated with her on an emotional level.

Her passion for human rights issues also stemmed from her early academic experiences. Moldenhauer stated that she was the kid in the class who was always making sure everyone was being included. She befriended those who had no friends.

“These topics made a substantial impact on me when I was younger, so their importance in our society today really strikes a chord with me,” Moldenhauer said. “Working in these fields has taught me that community service can bring together people for the good of humanity, even in the worst of times.”

Moldenhauer stated that her community and advocacy work has often involved city ordinances. For instance, in her time on the Michigan City Human Rights Commission, she helped update the ordinance for LGBTQ and veteran protection. In the future, in her role on the Michigan City Sustainability Commission, she hopes to implement more ordinances that will support the expansion of solar energy within Michigan City and surrounding areas.  

“In all of my years of work, I learned to see the good in people,” Moldenhauer said. “I believe every human being is fundamentally good. Building relationships has been the core of what I have worked in and a part of who I am. If I really believe in something, I’m going to keep moving forward.”