A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Marie Gilliland

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Marie Gilliland

Hard and consistent work requires a lot of dedication, but someone like Marie Gilliland knows exactly how to get the job done. Having decades of experience in healthcare and currently working as an Administrative Director for Franciscan Alliance, Gilliland knows how to lead people and how to help people prosper.

“I am a huge believer in hard work,” Gilliland said. “I’ve always worked in healthcare and have been given plenty of opportunities to lead, and what’s great is that I work for an organization that really has a true mission for caring for its patients.”

Growing up in La Porte, Gilliland has a love for the city and wants to see it thrive. She graduated from Indiana University and shortly afterward, set her sights on returning to La Porte.

“I believe very strongly in giving back to the community where I was raised,” Gilliland said. “Everything that I do is done to serve the people of La Porte. When you’re in a position like mine, you always have to try to help.”

Gilliland stated that her hard work is always in service for the betterment of others, and she’s always doing her best to help those in need. No matter how hopeless a situation may be, Gilliland said that with enough dedication, you can overcome anything.

“You need to use the gifts you have been given to find your purpose and make a difference,” Gilliland said. “Every action of ours, no matter what it is, needs to carry a strong sense of dignity.”

Gilliland is also currently the President of the La Porte Community School Board and sits on the La Porte County Public Library Board. In addition, she has often volunteered to be on the La Porte County YMCA Board.

“Over the years, my experiences and relationships have really changed me for the better,” Gilliland said. “All of the positive influences I have had from people and have given to others really makes me feel accomplished.”

When she’s not working, Gilliland spends time with her three grown children and seven grandchildren and works on her small horse farm.