A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Kurtis Erwin Iseminger

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Kurtis Erwin Iseminger

“Community and togetherness is something we need in the modern world, so it is important that we find ways to foster and cultivate that.”

This is what La Porte native Kurtis Erwin Iseminger had to say about the idea of community service. He has been involved with the city and its activities for years and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Living on west border of La Porte County his whole life, Iseminger has always had an appreciation for the people in the area.  After graduating from Purdue University, Iseminger took up a job with Ozinga, a concrete delivery company. Sometime after that, he learned that his cousin was working for a fraternal financial organization called Modern Woodsmen of America that focuses on financial security, quality family life, and community impact. After some thinking and praying with his wife, Iseminger left his old job and began a new job as Financial Representative for Modern Woodsmen of America.

“While I never had an interest in being in finance, the ‘giving back to the community’ aspect of it was really enticing,” Iseminger said. “It did look like a job that I would find lasting investment in. When I started, it wasn’t easy, but over time, I managed and found success.”

Iseminger’s philosophy revolves around the concept of efficiency. Being flexible and taking initiative are two vital components of his outlook and how he approaches things on a daily basis.

“Having the flexibility to be where I have to be to do what I need to do is very important to me,” Iseminger said. “My family, friends, and community mean a lot to me, so I like to have space in my life to do exactly what I need to do every day at 100% efficiency.”

Iseminger stated that the people are the soul of this community. They are the motivation behind his daily work. Offering assistance in any way he can helps Kurtis push forward. That is why he got involved with the La Porte Jaycees, a non-profit organization. The La Porte Jaycees provides leadership training opportunities for its members through projects and programs the members plan, organize, and conduct in the community. While he is no longer involved, his experiences with the organization profoundly changed him.

“When I took the job at Modern Woodmen and joined the Jaycees, I was looking to be part of something bigger, where I could initiate change and make a difference,” Iseminger said. “My time with the Jaycees opened up so many opportunities for me to serve, and the people here made the community service experience so warm and enjoyable.”

Iseminger believes that every day is a new learning experience.

“You should be a constant evolution of a person, totally changing and adapting as you interact with different people and get involved in new things,” Iseminger said. “That is what community service is all about. Putting others before you will benefit everyone, one way or another.”

As much as he has done for the community, Iseminger feels that the work has only just begun.

“I’m looking forward to the years to come, and they are sure looking bright,” said Iseminger.

If you are interested in getting involved in the community with Iseminger, please visit the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership website to learn about the new La Porte Young Professionals group: https://laportepartnership.com/.