A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Kimberly Snyder

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly Snyder lives to provide support and guidance for the children of La Porte. Snyder is a preschool facilitator at Crichfield Elementary School. Prior to her current position, she taught at Head Start of LaPorte County. Additionally, she was involved in the La Porte Jaycees, an organization dedicated to empowering others with leadership and community opportunities, for 11 years.

Snyder grew up in La Porte and went on to obtain a degree in early childhood education from Purdue North Central (now Purdue University Northwest). Snyder states that she has always been passionate about working with children, and even when she was young, she aspired to be a teacher and help develop young people.

“Being able to help young people is a joy for me,” Snyder said. “Having the opportunity to be a part of their support system and acting as a role model is incredibly fulfilling.”

Snyder’s parents were both involved in the La Porte Jaycees, and Snyder even contributed when she was young. During her time in the organization, one of her roles was to take charge in the Deserving Children's Shopping Tour, where the club takes about 600 kids on a Christmas shopping spree.

“The core of my work is creating healthy, meaningful relationships,” Snyder said. “I like being someone who can connect with kids and really get to understand their personalities and what motivates them. Learning more about them makes my roles easier and more enjoyable.”

In addition, Snyder aspires to be a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) in the near future. These individuals support neglected and abused children in need of service and guidance. Snyder also consistently works with her church to provide various services for the community as a whole.

“To me, community service means helping other people live out their lives,” Snyder said. “My passion in life is to serve others and making sure I am doing whatever I can to help them achieve their goals. Despite all the different roles I have had in the community these past few years, my overall philosophy on working with children and others hasn’t changed.”

Snyder states that her roles over the years have taught her both valuable organizational skills and how to be more flexible with others. In hindsight, it has been as much of a learning experience for her as it has been for the children she works with.

“Being active in my community makes me feel like I am doing the right thing,” Snyder explained. “As much as I learned about others in my various roles, I have just as much about myself. I feel like a much stronger and wiser person after all these years.”