A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Kiersten Feare

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Kiersten Feare

Kiersten Feare is a teenager and nail artist who began doing nails as a hobby in her free time, but quickly realized she was very passionate about the craft. After a while, she created an Instagram account to promote and run her business, and she has been thriving ever since. 

“I had a lot of free time, and somebody told me I needed a hobby. Nails came straight to my mind. I’ve always wanted to do them, and I finally had a chance to do them,” Feare said. 

Taking on a new hobby can be very overwhelming and time-consuming. The first step in this process, though, is acquiring the materials. After Feare’s original Christmas present from her grandmother never arrived, she decided to ask for supplies to begin learning how to do nails.

“I got started doing them for Christmas. My grandma asked me what I wanted, and originally I wanted a Hollywood mirror, but unfortunately, that never came in, so she asked me what else I wanted. I knew that this would be my chance to start doing nails, so I ordered all the basic stuff I got straight to doing it,” Feare said.

Feare has been doing nails for nine months and has been taking clients for seven months. Dedicating so much time to practicing and perfecting the craft has contributed to the blossoming of her business. 

“I’ve only been doing nails for nine months. I’ve been taking clients for seven. My one year will be on March 10 and I am so excited,” Feare said. 

There are many crucial steps in the process of doing nails including shaping and filing. This step forms the base for the art that will be on top of the nail. 

“My favorite part of the process is definitely shaping and filing, I love to see my client's reaction. I feel like shaping is definitely the most important part of nails, so I always make sure to get it perfect,” Feare said. 

After doing nails for a few months, Feare’s clients were encouraging her to create a social media platform to show off her work. She decided to create an Instagram account and begin promoting her business through more than just word of mouth. 

“What inspired me to start an Instagram and start up a business was a lot of my clients were telling me I needed to start one to show off my work and because they said they love looking at all the work that I do,” Feare said. 

Feare began to promote her work and gain more clients. The nail room provides a safe space for her clients to speak about whatever may be bothering them. She stressed the importance of having a trustworthy person and place to go to talk about what is on your mind. 

“My favorite part of interacting with my clients would definitely be the trust,” Feare said. “I have a lot of clients that come here talking to me about their personal life, which I absolutely love because I feel like everybody needs to get the weight off their shoulders and they always come to me about it. I always listen and try to help them with their problems. We definitely build a relationship by doing this.” 

The relationships Feare has formed with her clients are extremely strong due to the atmosphere that she has created. Her clients have supported and pushed her throughout the entire process of beginning her nail business. 

“I have to thank my clients so much for everything they’ve done. I look at them more like friends instead of clients because they are such amazing people. Even when I doubt myself about something, they always push me through it and tell me I can do it,” Feare said. “Sometimes it’ll be me talking about personal life, sometimes it will be them. Either way, we always listen to each other, and whatever is said in the nail room will always stay in the nail room.”

To view Feare’s work, and find additional information, visit www.instagram.com/k1nails_