A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Joy Zigler

JoyZiglerLife is a series of events that impact each person in their own way. Every day brings new challenges, new emotions and new opportunities. Depending on what happened yesterday, determines what happens tomorrow.

Lifelong La Porte resident, Joy Zigler, has had several little things change her life. Whether it be her current position at Horizon Bank, or her involvement with the La Porte Jaycees, each event, person and day has helped shape her to the person she currently is.

“I’ve met people along the way that I know will be some of my lifelong friends. There isn’t one specific event that has been extremely life-altering, but the people I’ve met and the connections I’ve made have changed me for the better,” Zigler said. “I just make it a point to live each day to its fullest capacity.”

Living each day to the fullest is something she has done since a young age. She has always strived to go far, and set her goals high.

She attended Purdue University North Central and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in organizational leadership supervision. Zigler then went on to earn her Associate’s Degree in marketing.

Over the years, Zigler has held a collection of job titles. Her specialty is store management and customer service. Her friendly personality and helpful demeanor earned her staff at Tractor Supply Company the highest customer service scores in her district, while she was the store manager.

After her time at Tractor Supply Company in Plymouth, IN, she decided to work back in La Porte, and soon became the marketing director at La Porte County Family YMCA.

Zigler has been a bank teller at Horizon Bank for one year.

“When I was working out of town, I was still living in La Porte. I liked being back, being closer to the people I’ve gotten to know over the years. They’re so inviting, and it is great being back to living and working in the town that raised me,” Zigler said.

Service has always been a tremendous part of her life. In her past, Zigler has been a member of Kiwanis Club, but due to time constraints, she could not continue her service. However, Zigler has been a longtime member of the La Porte Jaycees, where she serves as their Management Vice President.

As a member of the Jaycees, Zigler organizes events such as La Porte’s 4th of July parade, firework show and other events that occur throughout the calendar year.

“One of the biggest things I have gained from my work in the Jaycees is meeting different people. It has allowed me to network with more people than I would typically network with. I have made connections with all kinds of people, and can call them on a whim,” Zigler said. “I hope to keep growing that list of connections, and to never lose them.”

Her favorite Jaycees event is their annual 4th of July parade.

“La Porte’s 4th of July parade is the definition of community. There is no other place I rather spend my holiday. 24 hours before the actual parade, people can set up chairs and blankets along the parade route. There is no place for anyone to sit the day of the parade. It is a time where everybody comes together for one common denominator, and that is a rewarding feeling,” Zigler said.

Being a part of the Jaycees is something that runs in Zigler’s family. Her father was in the Jaycees back when there were over one hundred members. Now, she serves her community with her sister, another Jaycees member.

“I am very close with my family. My dad has always been a big proponent of supporting my sister and me in anything we do. He still has that sense of community involvement, and is my right-hand person when I need his help. He is and has always been my go-to, and has created a great life for our family,” Zigler said.

Through her involvement in her community, Zigler has learned multiple things about herself and others.

Zigler said, “Service to humanity is the best work of life. I want to encourage everyone to be a part of a group and give back to the community where you grew up, where you currently live or whatever place you call home. This statement is a part of the Jaycees’ mission, can relate to any aspect of your life and speaks volumes.