A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Jen Hunt

Jen-huntTucked away in the maze of inner offices at LPHS resides one of its biggest assets: Jen Hunt. Hunt, a counselor and former teacher, would be the first to say that she is just like anyone else, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Her impact on students spreads far and wide, making her this week's La Porte County Life in the Spotlight.

In her 17th year at LPHS, Hunt has worn many hats as a Slicer. She is a former English and journalism teacher and also served as the school's publications adviser. In 2006, she made a move down to the guidance department, which utilizes her unequaled compassion, ability to listen, and desire to help students reach their true potential.

"I truly enjoy my job as a counselor. I don't get to know many students all that well because I don't see them every day like teachers do, and I miss that most about teaching. I am still a teacher at heart, however. I love to write curriculum and visit classrooms," Hunt said.

It's clear after spending a few minutes with Hunt that she has a true passion for education and helping kids. Whether it's running College Go Week, preparing 8th grade students for the transition to high school, or dealing with school tragedies, Hunt is constantly in the forefront of projects, making sure every step is taken to ensure the best experience for all involved.

"Slacking was not allowed in my household growing up, so I guess that set the standard. I'm proud of that now, and I have a hard time when I cannot put my full effort and passion into something that has my name on it," Hunt added.

It's the extra effort that makes Jen Hunt different than the rest. It's her desire to make every person she comes in contact with seen, heard, and valued. It's her work ethic to take La Porte High School from good to great, and it's her passion for kids.

Jen Hunt works tirelessly to be the best she can for the students and staff for LPHS; however, when she can step away, she enjoys devoting her time mainly to her family, and when possible, her friends. It's in these roles she excels the most.

"I am very motivated to be the best parent I can be because I believe each child deserves parents who value and respect them and make them a priority," Hunt mentioned.

All of this and so much more makes Jen Hunt worthy of so much respect and admiration. She will humbly say she is just doing her job, but what she will never grasp is the impact she has on all who she comes in contact with. She has completely changed the lives of countless students who have sat in her classroom and office. She epitomizes a La Porte County Life in the Spotlight.

Former Students Weigh In:

Miles Taylor – LPHS Class of 2006
"I honestly could tell from my first day in class that she was the kind of teacher--among that small handful you get in life--who you never forget. She empowered you as an individual and, if you earned it, treated you like a professional. Mrs. Hunt prepared students for the world--and the world they've gone into owes her a big thank you."

Kylie Stanley Larson – LPHS Class of 2004
"Mrs. Hunt has a talent for taking a student's crazy dreams and translating them into a real-life recipe. She helped me understand what I would need to do to accomplish my goals, and she gave me advice for navigating the obstacles. Looking back on my high school years, Mrs. Hunt stands out as a confident force that reassured me all things were possible with hard work and persistence. Without a doubt, she was a bright light in my time at LPHS."

Leslie Frederick – LPHS Class of 2004
"For me, it wasn't so much about what she taught me in class but rather the way she made me feel as a student. I think it is difficult to find a teacher in high school who can make a student feel excited to come to class, but Mrs. Hunt did that for me. She has definitely been one of my favorite teachers.
Fun Fact: Mr. and Mrs. Hunt's wedding was the only wedding of any of my teachers that I ever attended. A great memory."

Allison Cusick – LPHS Class of 2007
"Each day you walked into Mrs. Hunt's class, you knew you were going to learn something. It may not be on the next test, but you would walk out of her classroom with more knowledge than when you walked in. She was my yearbook teacher in high school; however, I am lucky to call her a friend now."

Erin Parker – LPHS Class of 2005
"I am who I am because of Mrs. Hunt. I knew from the first second I walked into her class that I wanted to become a teacher like her. She has been my biggest cheerleader for the past 10 years of my life, and she also is my biggest source of inspiration. She is remarkably special, and I feel incredibly lucky to have her in my life."