A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Jarad Miller

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Jarad Miller

Teachers and administrators can have a great impact on kids’ lives. It is important that the right people be put in these jobs because of the influence they will have on the lives of these children. This is why Jarad Miller decided he wanted to be a principal. 

Miller grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and went to Carroll High School. After graduating, he went on to Valparaiso University and graduated in 2012. 

“I'm not sure I ever thought I would be a principal early on, but I just love connecting with kids and being someone they can count on,” Miller said. 

This is his first year of being principal of South Central Junior-Senior High School. Originally, Miller started out teaching for this same school. After five years as a teacher, he moved on to be the athletic director for a year. 

“I figured out I could connect with more kids, reach more students, and have more impact through an administrative role,” Miller said. 

This is what motivated him to work for the higher up positions at schools. Miller became the assistant principal at Valparaiso High School for a year, and then assistant principal at Churubusco Junior-Senior High School in Fort Wayne. He finally landed on his current position as Principal of South Central Junior-Senior High School. Though it is only his first year in the position, he already has accomplishments of which he and his school are proud. 

“We're very proud of the junior high incentive program we've created. Each month, we tackle a different topic for junior high students to try to qualify for a reward at the end of the month,” Miller said.

These topics can range anywhere from no missing assignments to having fully charged computers each day. Incentive programs like these give students even more reason to do better, in turn helping them realize the benefits they will feel when they take care of themselves and their school work. Miller is also proud of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program at the school as well as the athletics and fine arts programs. 

“The successful FFA program wins awards year in and year out,” Miller said. “Our athletics teams have had many championships this year, and many students in our Fine Arts Department with both band and choir have placed Gold at the Indiana State School Musical Association competition this year.”

It is very clear that Miller is helping to run a successful and accomplished school. Outside of work, Miller is a big sports fanatic. He enjoys watching and playing sports such as baseball. He also loves to spend time with his family, especially his two young sons, Rhett and Clay. Miller greatly enjoys watching movies and tries to watch at least one new movie a week. 

Miller’s greatest goal in his career as a principal, and as a father, is to ensure that kids explore and figure out what they love and pursue it, just as Miller did. 

“Explore and try new things,” Miller said. “There are so many different outlets and things that you can do nowadays. Find something that you're passionate about and figure out ways to make that a big part of your life and enjoy what you do.”