A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Danielle Adams

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Danielle Adams

Danielle Adams is no stranger to making the most out of where she is and loves where she comes from.

Adams grew up in Union Mills with her younger sister, mother, and father. She attended South Central Community School Corporation schools every year from kindergarten to 12th grade.

“Growing up in a small town like Union Mills, there isn’t really a whole lot to do,” Adams said. “Sometimes I would ride my bike to the library, but usually we would have the most fun in La Porte or Michigan City.”

However, Adams said that this allowed her the opportunity to explore every part of the small town. When she was younger, she had a vision of becoming an archaeologist. Dissecting every part of La Porte County is what intrigued her to get involved with the La Porte County Historical Society Museum.

“I remember the first time I came to the museum in third grade, and I thought it was beautiful,” Adams said. “After seeing the perm machine, it was something on my mind for several months. When I came here for a job interview, it was still there. It’s just really cool to see how different parts of La Porte County are preserved.”

Today, Adams serves as the museum director for the La Porte County Historical Society Museum. 

She stated that the goal for the museum is to not only preserve the history of the county but also to share it with the public both inside and outside of the building. Some residents that visit the museum remember a time before the modern building was even there.

“One of my favorite things is when people come into the museum and tell us that they remember when it was in the basement of the courthouse,” Adams said. “To have those people come back and get to see us in all of the glory here today with the new building is truly amazing.”

Ultimately, it’s the people and the stories of La Porte County that keep Adams drawn to the historic elements of the area. She says that there’s never a dull moment when learning about what captivates other members of the community.

“There are so many interesting events that have happened here,” Adams said. “You can learn a lot through the lens of the county. Many children might go through a pirate or dinosaur phase. Other people might be more fascinated with historical events such as World War II. I just love being able to connect with people’s interests and see what ways they might tie in with the county.”

In the future, Adams still envisions herself working with the museum and the community. Outside of the museum, she also enjoys spending time with her two cats.

The next major step on the agenda for Adams is getting her master’s degree at John Hopkins University this December. She received her bachelor’s degree from DePauw University in 2021. Currently, she’s enrolled in the museum studies program. It would make her the first person in her family to receive a master’s degree.