A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Ashley Schiyer

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Ashley Schiyer

Ashley Schiyer has lived in many different places and has pursued many different jobs and hobbies, but through all these experiences connection has always been a big theme in her life. Whether it was connecting with her students, bandmates, the community, or her staff she’s always been one to bond with others and try new things. 

Schiyer likes to say she grew up a little bit everywhere, but she spent quite a bit of her time living in Illinois and graduated from East Leyden High School in Franklin Park. After graduating, Schiyer worked in fast food and retail for a while but eventually decided she wanted to try something new. 

It didn’t take long for Schiyer to find a job as a teacher's assistant and absolutely fall in love with working with kids. So, she decided to go back to school at Triton College to study psychology and early childhood education. 

After earning her degree, Schiyer started teaching at Kensington School. There, she taught and connected with her young students, and strived to set them on the path to success. During that time though, Schiyer wasn’t just bonding with and learning from her students. She was also the lead singer in the band “Another Wednesday.” She wrote all of their songs, rocked out at shows, and even got to make a few professional recordings. It was a great experience that taught her a lot about connecting and working with others. 

“It was a lot of fun and a great experience. It was like being on a team. You have to bounce ideas off each other and even though you're not always going to get along and see each other's point of view you have to learn to compromise. It was really rewarding and a treasured experience I’m never going to forget,” said Schiyer. 

Eventually, Schiyer decided she wanted another change of pace. She spent almost three years teaching at KinderCare in South Bend before she started working at GreatNews.Life as a new media journalist. That experience taught her an incredible amount and allowed her to connect with the community in a way she never had before. 

Traveling around the Region got a bit difficult, so when a brand new Smoothie King location opened up right down the street from her house in La Porte Schiyer knew she wanted to give it a try. She’s currently working there as a general manager and couldn’t be happier leading her team and helping them grow. 

“It’s really rewarding to lead a team and know when you’re reading all the wonderful surveys and reviews online that you were the one behind the team trying to lift them up, teach them the values of good customer service, and help them grow,” said Schiyer. 

In the future, Schiyer wants to continue to learn about herself and her passions. She’s already learned so much about herself since starting at Smoothie King and she can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

“In this position, you learn so much, so the main goal is to just continue learning more about myself. I’ve already learned so much even when I’m not at work because I’m always getting calls from my employees. It’s really taught me to think outside the box and become a problem solver. I think that kind of experience helps your critical thinking skills and everything. 

All the connection and experience Schiyer has gained throughout her life has taught her so much. If she could give someone any piece of advice, she’d encourage them to pursue their passions and try new things. 

“It gives people something to look forward to after a busy week of work or something. So, go hang out and play some music or make some art or go to a theater– whatever your hobby is. Just never stop. If your hobby is a passion of yours and you want to turn it into a career, just keep going at it and never stop doing what you love to do,” said Schiyer. 

Of course, Schiyer wouldn’t be where she is without all the wonderful people in her life who’ve always had her back. She’s thankful for her boyfriend, James as well as her mom, Cathy, her Aunt Vicki, and her boyfriend’s mom, Karen. 

“They've all been really big supporters and have always been there to listen and give great advice,” said Schiyer. 

In her free time, Schiyer can be found drawing, painting, and maybe even writing a poem or two.