A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Angie Henzman

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Angie Henzman

Michigan City resident Angie Henzman is working hard to make sure the voices of women are being heard and that equality is granted to people from all walks of life. A member of the Nasty Wom​en Group, Henzman is involved in their mission to ensure women have a strong presence in the political and social climate moving forward.

“Being involved with this group has given me an opportunity to be active and cultivate change in our society,” Henzman said. “I believe that this is something that the community needs in order to prosper. A passion to change things can do wonders.”

The Nasty Wom​en Group is a Facebook group turned national movement that advocates for women’s rights and promotes solidarity for women towards a common goal. The state group of Indiana has over 50,000 members, ​and Henzman got involved with the county group and became an administrator.

“The Nasty Wom​en Group has become a way for those who haven’t had political experience at all to become involved with contemporary political and social issues,” Henzman said. “Being active in the group has really inspired me to be vocal in my beliefs and encourage others to get involved in their community as well.”

Henzman also stated that her children motivate her every day, citing them as her “lifeline.”

“They keep me positive and focused on my goals,” Henzman said. “I want to keep working for a better world for them so that they can prosper. I don’t want to have any regrets moving forward. In hindsight, looking towards the future really inspires me to keep doing good things.”

Henzman stated that her entire life has been a learning experience and that as human beings, encountering and overcoming challenges strengthens oneself and builds character.

“As we grow, we get a better understanding of ourselves,” Henzman said. “I’m more myself now because of the movement I have become a part of and the people I have met through this group.​"

“My journey has been painful at times, but getting involved with the Nasty Women community has helped me find hope,” Henzman said. 

“The people I have met and their desire to promote change has inspired me to make a difference on a grand scale. I’m excited to see what the future brings​, and I hope others can start getting involved in their communities as well.”