A Honda of Michigan City Employee Spotlight: Abbey Sweet

A Honda of Michigan City Employee Spotlight: Abbey Sweet

Abbey Sweet, Finance and Insurance Manager at Honda of Michigan City, is part of the dealership’s backbone, and has been since the day she arrived. She still remembers the exact day she started working at the motorcycle dealership.

“It was June 21, 2017,” she said. “I hadn’t really had any experience working at a dealership, bikes or otherwise, but a couple of my brothers had motorcycles growing up so I’d always thought it was a cool industry.”

What she did have was a wealth of experience in retail and customer service, and a family connection.

“My brother used to be the general manager here, and I heard that they were looking for an office manager,” Sweet said. “I started here as an office manager and very quickly moved into doing finance. Now, I kind of do both roles.”

She handles all of the paperwork, financial questions, and warranty purchases a customer might have after the current general manager, Keith “Katfish” Jones, makes a sale.

“Katfish brings them to me and I help get them set up,” she said. “I love interacting with the customers, we get so many cool people coming through here. They’re always in a good mood and happy to see us. It’s fun to meet the veterans who’ve been riding for a long time, and to help the people take those first steps.”

Some people come in for new gear, others for an entirely new machine.

“No day is exactly the same and that’s a fun position to be in,” Sweet said. “Every customer has different needs and different goals. One thing that makes us different here is that we want our customers happy, even if that means they aren’t always riding off on a Honda. If you’re on two wheels, or three if you got a trike, we’re happy that you’ve become a part of that culture.”

Sweet said the team at Honda of Michigan always works at making the place as friendly and helpful as possible, and believes that is why they have so much success.

“It’s basically a big family here,” she said. “It’s super laid-back and family oriented. We get older people, younger people, families bringing in their kids and we always make sure everyone has fun. We see it all.”

When she is away from the dealership, Sweet is often working on two of her hobbies – photography and shooting.

“I’ve been interested in photography for forever, ever since I was in 4-H,” she said. “As far as shooting goes, with four brothers, I grew up around guns and stuff. It started out with BB guns and pellet guns, and worked up to target shooting. It’s kind of always been a part of my life.”

And of course, she rides as well – just not on her own.

“I don’t have my endorsement yet, but my boyfriend has two bikes,” she said. “I’m definitely no stranger to riding.”

To learn more about Honda of Michigan City and to find your next street bike, ATV, or dirt bike, visit them at 2966 N. U.S. 421 in Michigan City or online at www.hondaofmichigancity.com.