A Historic Birth Day

The birth of a baby is always a reason to celebrate but for parents Ruth and Kris Martin, the birth of their son Aaron is one for the history books. At 7:45 pm on Saturday, August 25, Aaron made his appearance, earning him the title of the first baby born at the new Porter Regional Hospital.

At 5 lbs, 14 oz, and 19.5 inches long, Aaron was born just a few days short of his September 1st due date, just edging out the first baby girl born around 3 hours later. “I had sporadic labor all day,” Ruth shared. Once her water broke in the afternoon, she knew it was time to get to the hospital, choosing to arrive via the front entrance of the new hospital. Lisa Loudenber, midwife with Physicians for Women, delivered baby Aaron.

It was fast but it was good,” she stated, discussing her delivery experience at the new facility. Having delivered her first child, Zach, at the 814 LaPorte campus, Ruth was no stranger to Porter’s Labor and Delivery unit. “I had it good both times,” she shared. Along with all new moms, Ruth received gifts from the hospital, including a Vera Bradley diaper bag. Due to having the first baby at the new building, Ruth was also given a lovely floral arrangement from Fabian’s.

The entire fourth floor of Porter Regional is devoted to women and children, combining the NICU, Pediatrics, Labor and OB all on one level. “It’s family-centered,” stated Director of Women and Children’s Pavilion Elaine Merkel. “The whole moral is lifted by being in a new building.”

Congratulations to Ruth and Kris on your new baby!