A General Insurance Services Employee Spotlight: Eddie Nawrocki

A General Insurance Services Employee Spotlight: Eddie Nawrocki

Eddie Nawrocki, Personal Risk Advisor at General Insurance Services, Inc. (GIS) in Hobart, is a wonderful community and family man with over 13 years of restaurant industry experience under his belt.

He was brand new to the insurance field this year.

“I take care of people’s home needs as a Personal Risk Advisor,” Nawrocki said. “I’ve been with GIS since March after hearing from my friend at the Michigan City branch about how wonderful the company is to work for. He always mentioned the ‘family feel’ and that really appealed to me.”

Specifically, Nawrocki meets with customers to discuss their situations and needs, offers advice and information, and hopefully, lines them up with some policies that will work well for them.

Nawrocki is originally from St. John, Indiana, but following his college years, he traveled the country working at different dining establishments. Since then, Nawrocki and his family have found their homestead in Griffith.

“They have a really neat, up-and-coming, growing downtown area,” he said. “It is really diverse, there’s a lot of great people and fun events given how small the town actually is. It’s a fun place to be and everything’s within reach.”

His family consists of his two children, Clark and Addison, and his wife, Casandra.

“My family and I are always trying to get outside and stay active. I love hanging out with my kids and my wife – they’re just simply amazing,” he said.

Along with spending quality time with his family and loved ones, Nawrocki also considers himself to be quite the sports fan.

“We’re always trying to go to a game whenever we can catch one, whether it be the Blackhawks, Cubs, Bears, Bulls… if it’s a sports game, I’ll probably be perfectly happy!”

Nawrocki loves that his job allows him to make true, positive impacts on those he serves.

“My favorite part about my job now are the connections I’m able to make and the overall community feel,” Nawrocki said. “Switching over to the insurance industry was very eye-opening to me. You get to see how much people need insurance, but in turn, how much people don’t seem to understand it. It’s complex to say the least, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to comprehend.”

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