A La Porte County Life In The Spotlight: Lindsay Jongkind

A La Porte County Life In The Spotlight: Lindsay Jongkind
By: Kellyn Vale Last Updated: June 12, 2019

In moments when you feel stuck in a not-so-great place in life, sometimes all it takes is a small leap of faith on a chance to change the course of your life forever. Lindsay Jongkind is a true testament to this, and her story is proof that no matter where we find ourselves in life, it is never too late to make a change.

Today, Jongkind is happily serving as Marketing & Membership Director for the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership (LEAP), but found herself in the marketing field almost by accident.

“This time last year I was the Membership Director at the Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce,” Jongkind said. “In February, the Chamber and the Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation entered into an alliance. I then found myself in marketing and I love it!”

Jongkind’s passion for her work is something everyone strives to achieve in life, but she didn’t always feel this way.

“Before I was hired at the Chamber, I had lost all ambition to strive for more and had almost accepted the fact that I would be in my former job forever,” Jongkind said.

“I joined the La Porte Jaycees and became friends with Drew Gesse, who told me there was an opening at the Chamber,” Jongkind said. “I almost brushed it off because I thought there was no way I would be considered.”

Despite that self-doubt, Jongkind took a chance and applied - a decision that gave her the fresh start she desperately needed.

“When I got the call, I cried tears of happiness,” Jongkind said.

Perhaps Jongkind’s courage to take this leap of faith stemmed from the phrase, ‘she believed she could, so she did’ - a quote she carries with her daily. Emblazoned on a bracelet gifted to her by her mother, it serves as a constant reminder of the strength and resilience she has inside her.

“Mom gave it to me when I got the position at the Chamber,” Jongkind said. “It has always reminded me that if I believe in myself, I can move mountains!”

Fittingly, Jongkind said that though there have been quite a few ladies she has looked up to in her life, her mom has had the biggest impact.

“She is the one who has shaped me into the woman I am today,” Jongkind said. “She and my dad have always been supportive of me, and taught me to roll with the punches when things do not pan out the way I planned.”

This perseverance and positivity has carried over into her career, and inspires her to work hard for the city she loves every day.

“I grew up in La Porte, and have lived here all 28 years of my life,” Jongkind said. “I love the small town feel and the potential that is being realized.”

Jongkind strives to make the city a place for the entire region to call home.

“I love La Porte and I want to see it thrive,” Jongkind said. “Everyone in our office can see the potential that La Porte has and it is our job to tap into that, to make La Porte a destination that people want to live in and businesses want to locate to.”

Though she’s usually busy making La Porte a better place, she also tries to find time to enjoy life in other ways as well.

“In my free time, I help with Jaycees events, Kiwanis events, and I’m trying to get more into gardening and landscaping,” Jongkind said. “I also enjoy yoga, and occasionally wine tasting with my friend Jen who lives in Indianapolis.”

Looking back at her journey, Jongkind is grateful that she pushed through the tough times and took chances to get to where she is today, and encourages everyone to do the same.

“There will be some not-so-great moments in your life, but just push through them,” Jongkind said. “Remember how lucky and blessed you are, and you will be rewarded in the end.”