5 Things You Didn’t Know About Albano’s Villa!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Albano’s Villa!
By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: July 13, 2017

A fun fact before we start: Albano’s Villa first began way back in 1957 inside the living room of the Albano house!

Now, many years later, it is the go-to place for families to enjoy a great meal!

Alabnos-5-Things-You-Didnt-Know-2017_02 Here are 5 facts you may not have known about Albano’s Villa, and if you have then spread the word to others!

  1. Albano’s is more than Italian – Come to Albano’s to eat a meal from all over the world! Italy, America, even Mexico, Albano’s can make a country’s specialty dish even more special with their own Northwest Indiana touch! Check out the menu here, to order a non-Italian plate of beef tacos, wet burritos, and hot and Italian wings. When two countries get along, amazing things like the taco pizza is a result, a pizza dish with the fiesta-feelings!
  2. Albano’s Loves Pizza Parties! – Have a birthday coming up in the family? Albano’s Johnson Road venue is a great space and big enough to hold all of your guests and presents. Plus, the chefs provide a Make-Your-Own-Pizza party festivity, where kids can work side by side the Albano’s staff when creating their pizza. The little pizza artists get to roll their own dough, spread the sauce, sprinkle cheese, and choose what toppings they want! The pizza making party is great for kids of all ages!
  3. Three locations! – Wherever you turn your head, there is an Albano’s restaurant or someone who knows and loves it. Albano’s offers three locations in La Porte County, all serving their amazing pizza and other specialties. But, keep in mind their hours and services: The Johnson Road branch in La Porte is Carry-out ONLY, since they keep their large dining/banquet room open for private parties. The Michigan City branch is dine-in and carry-out like a usual pizza joint, and the La Porte location is dine-in, carry-out, and drive-thru, since we all know eating pizza in our not-to-be-seen-in sweatpants is the perfect combination.
  4. Walking Burns Pizza Calories – The Albano’s Villa in Michigan City is plopped right smack down in the middle of the city, meaning it is walkable to just about anything. For a longer walk, but still under 10 blocks, you can walk to downtown Michigan City venues, like the Uptown Center. Closer to the pizza place is the Footlight Players Theater and the La Porte County Family YMCA Elston branch, where you can grab a meal after a good workout or seeing a great performance. Plus, the Lighthouse Premium Outlet Mall is just a short drive away, so all those extra calories can be burned off while walking and shopping!
  5. History Going Strong – Have you ever noticed the decorated walls of each location? Look closer next time and look for the paintings of Rosalie and Frank Albano, the founders of the popular, family-friendly eatery. After them, their sons Jim Sr. and Russell took over the restaurant and now, Jim Albano Jr. is running the pizza show, keeping that secret family recipe going strong!

Alabnos-5-Things-You-Didnt-Know-2017_03 If you needed a sign to have a pizza night, here it is. Head on over or call for carry-out of one of their delicious pizzas or other non-Italian choices for a great meal. Once the last bite is eaten, you will be happy to be a part of the Albano’s community!