2nd Annual Sarcoidosis Walk

By: Shanetta Jordan Last Updated: January 31, 2014

2nd-Annual-Walk-for-SarcoidosisThe 2nd Annual Sarcoidosis Walk will take place Saturday, April 19, 2 pm, at Stop 6 on the Lake in Michigan City. The walk will be free again this year. There will be a bake sale, jewelry, face painting, and a raffle for prizes.

Sarcoidosis (sar-koy-DO-sis) is a disease of unknown cause that leads to inflammation. This disease affects your body’s organs.

Normally, your immune system defends your body against foreign or harmful substances. For example, it sends special cells to protect organs that are in danger.

These cells release chemicals that recruit other cells to isolate and destroy the harmful substance. Inflammation occurs during this process. Once the harmful substance is gone, the cells and the inflammation go away.

In people who have sarcoidosis, the inflammation doesn't go away. Instead, some of the immune system cells cluster to form lumps called granulomas (gran-yu-LO-mas) in various organs in your body

For further information and to make donations, contact Shanetta at shanettajordan@yahoo.com or http://sarcoidosisawarenesswalk.myevent.com