2016 Barbara A. Carmen Memorial Endowment Fund Teacher Grants Awarded

By: Unity Foundation of La Porte County Last Updated: December 1, 2016

unity-foundation-lpc-2016Fifteen teachers from six Michigan City public and parochial schools received grants from the Barbara A. Carmen Memorial Endowment Fund through Unity Foundation of La Porte County.

The fund was established in 1992 in memory of the late Barbara A. Carmen, a Michigan City Area School’s elementary teacher. Mrs. Carmen’s family conceived this fund through Unity Foundation to promote excellence in the classroom.

Annual grants are awarded to fund special classroom projects and programs which will enrich curriculum or enhance a teacher’s ability to meet student needs. More than $49,500 has been awarded thus far to finance teacher-directed projects, classroom equipment, and continuing education.

A total of 24 applications were received through Unity Foundation’s online application process. The eight approved projects, involving 15 teachers and impacting over 764 students, will receive a combined grant award of $2,593.83. The awarded projects are:

Barker Middle School
Jill Grabowski: Water Water Everywhere, $350

Coolspring Elementary School
Brianne Covington & Luci Mazac: Promoting Reading Fluency and Fostering Vocabulary Gains Through Auditory Learning, $350.36

Knapp Elementary School
Elizabeth Law: Catch Some Mice, $256.47
Joshua Schultz: IXL Online Math, $400

Pine Magnet School for the Performing and Visual Arts
Tessa Maguire: The Phonics Dance, $187
Theresa Wilkins: Autism Sensory Room, $250

Springfield Elementary School
Debra Carpenter: Buddy Bench, $400

Notre Dame Catholic School
Joanna Cate, Trish Baczkiewicz, Angela Ruiz & Jen Scriba: Reading by Example, $400

Since 1992, Unity Foundation of La Porte County has served donors, nonprofits and local communities. As La Porte County’s community foundation, it manages nearly $29 million in assets, administers more than 325 charitable funds, and has distributed approximately $14 million through direct grants and scholarships. The Council on Foundations has deemed Unity Foundation in compliance with all Indiana and national ethical and operating standards for community foundations.

Unity Foundation’s mission is to strengthen La Porte County now and forever by building permanent endowments; providing leadership; offering philanthropic vehicles for everyone; and, being a catalyst for social and economic vitality.

To help support teacher grants, or other beneficial projects through Unity Foundation’s endowment funds, please call 219-879-0327 or donate online at www.uflc.net.