2015 Tour de La Porte Raises Funds for Cancer Patients

The 14th Annual Tour De La Porte kicked off on a beautiful Saturday Morning with a half marathon, 10K, and 5K running race, followed by bike trials at noon. And while the participants were certainly running for their own health, what was really on their minds was running for the health of others.

All of the proceeds generated during the race go to straight to the IU Health La Porte Hospital Foundation, started by IU Health La Porte in order to support healthcare and healthy lifestyles in the Northwest Indiana area. More specifically, the Tour De La Porte funds go directly to the foundation’s Cancer Patient Fund.

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The goal of the Cancer Patient Fund is to ensure that all people in Northwest Indiana don’t have to feel like they can’t afford important screenings or even treatments for the disease. And in the race against cancer, every little step in the right direction helps.

“The reason we are doing the event is to make sure we can help these cancer patients,” IU Health La Porte Hospital Foundation Director Maria Fruth said. “The race is held also to make sure we have money to conduct important cancer screenings in our community. Last year, we raised $78,000 and were able to help 142 patients.”

What that money goes to, in terms of the fight against cancer, is anything that helps the patient and their family.

“It could be medication, treatment, and even transportation to these treatments and appointments. [The impact] is huge,” Fruth added. “These are the reasons we do this race.”

For the attendees, the day was a great way to get out and get active in La Porte.

"It was Maggie's first 5K today," Jessica Lilly said, a runner in today's race, "We tried to pace her in the beginning but then at the end she ran ahead of us. She never stopped once, we are very proud of her."

In the end, though, the race was a great way to celebrate the community and the great people who make up La Porte County.

“It’s a beautiful day, and the race is set-up gorgeous,” said Fruth. “We are so lucky to be here in La Porte County. Being a hospital, part of our mission is to make sure we are taking care of our local community. And what better way to do that than to be out here on this incredible day, walking, running, and biking.”

For more information on the Tour de La Porte and how you can get involved with the IU Health La Porte Hospital Foundation, check out the tour’s website. https://tourdelaporte.org.