#1StudentNWI: Valentine’s Day love at La Porte High School

#1StudentNWI: Valentine’s Day love at La Porte High School

What’s recently happened?

La Porte High School (LPHS) has a big heart for Valentine's Day. Different clubs in LPHS are trying to make an impact. 

The National Honor Society (NHS) has been selling carnations during all lunches. They were sold January 30 through February 10, but they sold out on February 7. 

They had 350 carnations in total, and came in all different colors and had a sweet note attached to them. NHS students delivered the carnations during Slicer Resource Time (SRT) on Valentine’s Day. 

They were $2 each and a large portion of the proceeds went to Riley Hospital. 

The American Sign Language Club (ASLHS) also sold sweets at lunches. They sold a small note and a bag of candy for student's valentines. The notes said things such as “Be Mine” and “ You Are Beautiful.”

The profits from the sale go to ASLHS to help better their club. The notes and candy will also be delivered on Valentine’s Day during SRT.  

What’s coming up?

The annual La Porte Girls Reserve (GR) Dance is coming up on February 25. This dance has been a winter tradition for Slicers for many years and will be for many more to come.

The dance is exclusive to GR members and their dates. In order to earn the privilege to attend and invite a date, a GR member must earn 35 points. These points can be earned via volunteering or donating.

Tickets were available for $20 from January 27 to February 6. Those who reached certain requirements earned special deals. GR members who sold five pies in November got a $10 ticket. For 10 pie sales, a member and their date’s tickets are free.

The ticket also pays for a dinner at the event venue, which will be Heston Hills Event Center. The dinner will be from 6 to 7 p.m. and the dance will last until 10 p.m.

“I’m very excited and looking forward to the dance because it’s another opportunity to go to a school dance before I leave. I know some friends that are going too,” GR member Uxia Sanluis said.

Staff spotlight:

Johnna Krause is February’s staff spotlight. She fits right in with the Valentine’s Day theme because she has such a big heart. 

Krause is the head of foreign languages at LPHS and teaches Spanish. She teaches levels two, three, and four. She has been teaching since 1998, though she took half a year off for the birth of her twin boys. Krause has only taught at LPHS, and it has become a second home. 

Krause became a teacher because she loves languages and loves teaching them. She enjoys being able to teach English grammar alongside Spanish. 

“I’ve always known I have wanted to be a teacher, and even to this day I love my job,” Krause said. 

She grew up hearing Spanish from her parents, but was never really able to speak it because she did not grow up in a very diverse community. 

Teaching for so long isn’t easy, but it has taught Krause how to become more patient and easygoing compared to when she first started teaching. 

“Being able to get to know my students and see them progress through the language makes my day complete. I feel truly blessed,” Krause said. 

In her free time she can be found watching “Dateline” or reading a good book. 

“My happy place is being with my children anytime and anywhere,” Krause said. “I am so blessed to have two great young men.”

Student spotlight:

Caiya Cooper is the talk of the school at LPHS. She recently advanced to state for swimming in the 200 Freestyle and 500 Freestyle. 

State took place at Indiana University Natatorium in Indianapolis. Cooper finished 17th in the 200 Freestyle and 13th in the 500 Freestyle for her prelims. Her all-time best swim in the 500 Freestyle was 5:05.92.

Cooper was able to advance to the consolation finals for her 500 Freestyle where she finished 15th in the state. 

After graduating, Cooper plans on swimming for the University of Southern Indiana where she will major in nursing. 

“I am ecstatic to have received a scholarship from the coaches at University of Southern Indiana. They showed me a very caring side of them when I visited, and I have wanted to go back since. I know it’s going to be the change I need. I am excited to learn under new coaches and have a new set of teammates. I can’t wait to see how I change and see how the program is different from high school,” Cooper said. 

Cooper has been swimming since she was four years old, so it is second nature. She has participated in La Porte Turbos Swim Club her whole life as well. 

She grew up on Pine Lake, so she had many opportunities to be in the water and participate in water activities. Additionally, her dad and brother were swimmers as well, so they always competed to see who ended up being the best. 

Cooper always had a tight-knit family. They were always laughing and messing with each other. 

“Growing up like this has taught me that I want to do the same later in life and to never take the small moments for granted,” Cooper said. 

Cooper’s greatest role models in life have been her parents. They have always been her biggest supporters and have changed around their lives to support her career. 

In school, Cooper is a very rigorous student and likes to challenge herself. She still has managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout high school. 

“I have had to learn how to manage my time very well. It has turned me into a very organized and dedicated person. I put school first over swimming, but I always have had most of the night to do school work after my practice. If I ever did have trouble, I would always ask my teachers for help, but usually I understand school with little trouble,” Cooper said.

Outside of swimming, Cooper is a very busy person. She has her own business and loves to water ski on the lake. She also participates in unified track at LPHS and loves being around the special education children. 

In the summertime, Cooper can be found outside, or in the lake with her family and friends.