#1StudentNWI: October in Westville

#1StudentNWI: October in Westville

October at Westville Schools

October is an exciting time for Westville as the month welcomes an abundant amount of autumn festivities. The annual and beloved Pumpkin Fest and parade will be held this weekend, October 4-6. During the parade, decorated floats in honor of the clubs and organizations in the community will be seen traveling down the parade route. The Pumpkin Fest offers special fundraisers and functions for all audiences.

Trick or Treat Around the Track is also coming up on October 25 at 5 p.m. at Westville School. The event includes dunk tanks, food trucks, candy, movies and encourages everyone to come out and dress up in the spirit of Halloween. These occasions are a joyous time, for it welcomes the delightful upcoming fall season.

What’s New at School?

Westville Schools have been busy with clubs over the past few weeks. The College Club, hosted by Mrs. Wilkinson and Mrs. Joll, met with students to spread college information in honor of College Go week! College Go week inspired Westville students to gear up in their favorite college apparel and apply to Indiana state colleges. The staff and administration also dressed up to celebrate. In addition, the school received special visits from Valparaiso University, Purdue NorthWest, Ball State and Ivy Tech to educate students on college application opportunities.

Student Spotlight

This month’s student spotlight shines on Westville Blackhawk, Kaitlyn Bishop who is a proud member of the Westville community.

She is an active contributor in cheer, Spanish Club, Leo’s Club, Breakfast Club, POWW Club, and the National Honor Society. Bishop is also a proud member of Hoosier Girl State, the Laporte County Leadership Program, and the UCA All American Cheerleader Association.

Last winter, she traveled to London for the popular New Year’s Day parade. Since the London trip, Bishop has become a more adventurous person and student. She hopes to travel and perhaps study abroad in various countries to continue her education.

Bishop appreciates the diversity and helpfulness of her community. She is looking forward to another great school year as a senior at Westville High!

Teacher Spotlight

This month’s teacher spotlight features Mr. DeVries. Mr. DeVries has been an educator in Westville schools for 18 years. He teaches psychology, sociology, economics, dual credit micro/macroeconomics, and AP government. His favorite subject to teach is Psychology. Mr. DeVries’s favorite thing about Westville is the close relationships with staff and students that can be fostered.

When he’s not at Westville High, Mr. DeVries can be found at the PNW campus teaching micro and macroeconomics.

“I believe that students will only care about the subject if they care about the teacher. I build relationships to motivate learning,” said Mr. DeVries.

Outside of teaching, he enjoys activities such as dirt biking, mountain biking, triathlons, and golfing.