#1StudentNWI: Michigan City High School’s Den Experience

By: Tommy Callaghan Last Updated: March 9, 2015

Den sectionalFor someone outside of Michigan City, looking in on City’s student section, the "Wolves Den" (mainly known as "The Den"), you cannot help but wonder what “Den Delirium” is like. Every football game, every basketball game “The Den” goes out and supports their high school, always representing well.

While game attendance and intensity can sometimes be low, The Den at its max potential is an unbelievable sight. With ‘roller coasters’, cheers, and jeers, City’s screaming students know how to pump up their fellow wolves and intimidate anyone that faces them.

As of Wednesday March 4, the boys’ basketball team’s season came to end. But, their sectional game against Chesterton was the Den’s peak of the season, according to many. Merrillville High School hosted the first round of sectionals and City's first game was scheduled against Chesterton. This game had so much energy it topped the Den's last peak performance, the win at home against LaPorte High School.

With the help of two fan buses, easily over one-hundred students were able to attend the game. While some students drove, they all ended in one place with one purpose: to cheer on the Wolf Pack.

Denshirt2015It is hard to describe the experience of participating in Den Delirium, but one word that definitely fits is wild. Some may see wild as out of control, but it really is more of a controlled chaos. Students jump up and down, yell whatever they want, and just have fun, all while keeping their act together.

Part of what the Den does is create a theme for almost every game. Some themes this year have been toga, American, and then for the sectional, blackout. Another part of the Den is many students' favorite, the jeers. Opposing schools and their fans obviously do not like it, but taunts have been a part of the Den since the beginning and are not going to stop.

The Den may be crazy, but they always represent City well. Always motivating their teams and showing school spirit, the Den never has anything to be ashamed of.

On the night of sectionals at the end of the game a Merrillville basketball coach complimented Michigan City with having "the best student section he has ever seen by far", emphasizing "by far". As a student at MCHS and a part of the Den, it is nearly impossible to disagree.