#1StudentNWI: Michigan City High School’s grand finale

#1StudentNWI: Michigan City High School’s grand finale

What's recently happened?

The end of the school year at Michigan City High School (MCHS) has finally arrived. The last days can be both exciting and upsetting; from the excitement built up around summer break to unfortunate farewells to good friends. Now, the school year might be ending, but that does not mean that MCHS has lacked excitement.

Pep rallies have been tremendously prevalent throughout the school year, and on April 28, the final pep rally was held for the school year. An exceptional performance was given from the Michigan City Soul Steppers that brought the students to life and set the tone for the entire rally. There was also a class dodgeball game held, in which the sophomore class dominated.  

On the same day, the theater department had its first performance for the show “You Can’t Take It With You.” The show was a major success and a great finale for the school year. 

Prom is a major event at MCHS and this year, taking after a masquerade and 1920’s theme, it was very much Gatsby. It was called “The Grand Affair,” and it was hosted at Blue Chip Casino, Hotel & Spa. Students dressed their best and danced the night away. Marcus Day and Kayla Campbell were named Prom King and Queen, a well-deserved win for both students. 

At MCHS, it is tradition for the senior class to walk the halls and wave goodbye to the underclassmen. This event occurred on May 18 and was extremely emotional and exciting. It’s the mark of new beginnings and a turning period.

What's coming up?

This school year is nearly a wrap, with the last day of school being May 23. Graduation is quickly approaching and will be here before everyone knows it. Graduation will take place on June 4, and so many seniors are both excited and reminiscent of their time at MCHS.

Paige Lindfors, April Hyatte, and Garrett Baldwin are all highly accomplished seniors who will be graduating this school year. They have much wisdom and memories to share. 

"My experience at MCHS was good. I had great teachers, I made lifelong friends, and overall got exposed to new experiences that have led me up to where I am now. I don't think I'll forget my time at MCHS. I’m happy I went here, and I’m more than happy that I’m graduating from here,” said Lindfors.

“Your time at this high school is short. Make memories, have fun, and live with no regrets,” said Hyatte.

“My senior year was definitely the quickest out of the four and definitely my favorite. I made better friendships and found out who my true friends were. I also found myself, who I am, and how I should present myself,” said Baldwin.

Staff spotlight:

Oftentimes, credit is not given enough to the many administrators and people behind the scenes at school. Brett St. Germain, the associate principal at MCHS, helps mentor and lead the student body to a successful future. 

St. Germain attended Merrillville High School, not too far from MCHS. He also attended Indiana University (IU) Bloomington for college, where he completed his bachelor's in secondary education, as well as Olivet Nazarene University where he received his master's in School Administration.

For administrators, no day is like the next. You’re always on your toes wondering what is to come, and sometimes, it even just sneaks up on you like the end of the school year.

“It's hard to describe what a typical day looks like. Like all other administrators, it’s a combination of being a leader, a mentor, a counselor, etc. It’s extremely important that I always make the time to communicate with students and let them know that I am available for them. It is important that they know me not only as the associate principal but also as someone they can come to in time of need,” said St. Germain.

Being an associate principal takes so much hard work and dedication, but it also takes communication and flexibility to succeed. 

“At the end of the day, this is a relationship business. Therefore, it’s important to understand that building relationships with people is the foundation of what you do,” said St. Germain.

Although much of the job of being an associate principal is based on working with the administrative team, the students are of course the top priority. St. Germain truly appreciates the relationships he’s formed with his team, but being able to watch the students succeed is the most rewarding part of the job. From theatre performances to sports events, St. Germain is there to cheer on the students. 

This school year is one of the most influential years, the graduating class this year is the same class that he met as freshmen back in 2019. Seeing them go will be most memorable.

“This is my fourth year here in Michigan City, so I came in at the same time as this graduating class. I’ve developed some great relationships with many of these students, and even though it will be sad to see them leave, I’m excited about what the future holds for them,” said St. Germain.

Student spotlight:

Nathan Painter, a senior at MCHS, is incredibly excited about graduating in the coming weeks. Painter is an extremely accomplished student. As a distinguished graduate and an upcoming IU Bloomington student, much can be expected from him.

Painter has been in the Michigan City Area School Systems since kindergarten, beginning his education at Coolspring Elementary School, attending Barker Middle School, and now graduating from MCHS. Most recently, he’s had the opportunity to give a speech to the sixth-grade students who are now moving on to middle school. 

“It was a speech welcoming the seventh graders into their new school. It was emotional at times and very sentimental remembering how much time I spent there as a child,” said Painter. 

Painter is overjoyed to be graduating, and he is also very appreciative to the staff and teachers who helped get him where he is today. He’s not sure he would’ve been able to be one of the distinguished graduates without the assistance he received from his teachers. 

“Michigan City High School is a great school with a good community and phenomenal teachers who do their best to make you succeed. As a distinguished graduate, it took so much hard work, having to put in the extra hours of studying to succeed. I also had to be willing to sacrifice to achieve this accomplishment,” said Painter. 

This period of change can be both challenging and exciting for students, having to leave behind your old friends and comfort zone for a completely different experience. 

“I’m going to miss all of the late-night football games; they were always so much fun, and being able to cheer on your team especially when we were winning. Something else I’ll miss is playing baseball with my best friends that I have known since childhood,” said Painter. 

Despite the sadness of having to go away from friends and family, Painter is overflowing with happiness to go to IU Bloomington in the fall. He will be studying physical therapy and seeing where that can take him in the future.

“I am very excited to branch out and explore new things in my life. Having lived in Michigan City my entire life I want to meet new people and experience new things,” said Painter.