#1StudentNWI: Marquette Catholic High School brings MQTT-U

#1StudentNWI: Marquette Catholic High School brings MQTT-U

As the 2017-2018 school year approaches, it is a period of change at Marquette Catholic High School. New students, new teachers, and new classes are some of the changes to come, but one of the biggest changes at Marquette this school year is the Marquette University program.

The Marquette Catholic University High School program is a “school within a school.” This year’s freshmen class, the class of 2021, will be the first ones to participate in the University program, also known as MQTT-U. The focus of the university program is that students can earn a Core 40 with academic honors diploma while also earning college credits towards an associate’s degree through dual credit classes. The students will also be on an honors curriculum to help ensure success into post-secondary education. The Marquette University will still be in Michigan City. In addition to the Marquette school building, the St. Mary’s building expansion will also be used for classrooms and labs.

The director of the program Ms. Allyson Headd said, “Our early university program is like no other. It goes beyond college acceptance and focuses on college success.”

So the name a “school within a school” fits; the program is helping to give high school students a head start in their college education, and a huge head start in completing an Associate’s degree.

The success of the University program is connected with one of the new changes that affects all students. A one-to-one technology program in the form of iPads is the next big thing at Marquette this year. Instead of actual textbooks, each student at Marquette High School will have an iPad with their textbooks on it. The iPads will definitely enhance learning and help integrate technology use.

Caleb Sheets, a senior at Marquette, said, “Earlier in the school year when it was announced that we would be going to a one-to-one platform for next year, I was skeptical. I did not want to change. I have learned to admire the physical books we carry to class... and praise the fact I did not have to turn in my assignments on the Internet.”

After some time of thinking of the cons of hardback books and paper assignments, Caleb began to think that this new idea was beneficial.

“The one-to-one platform is a great shift that will make our lives easier, and save the environment.”

Another one of the aspects of the Marquette University program is travel.

Marquette-1Student-August-2017_03 “The program will include...study abroad and global travel experiences.”

Each student in the University program will travel during their time at Marquette. The program says that it, “Prepares students with global and international experience through cultural immersion and study abroad built into the program for all students.”

Liberty Riley is an incoming University student.

Liberty says, “ I’m excited because it will give me a head start in my college career. I think traveling is also just the cherry on top of it all.”

Marquette-1Student-August-2017_04Why MQTT-U?
This program provides college credits at reduced prices to allow students to achieve great things early on. MQTT-U saves expenses for the years of college students complete while in the Marquette University program. Saving money is not the only advantage, though.

Marquette University “ensures success, not simply acceptance, into post-secondary education.”

Knowing that this program’s takers will be successful and adequately prepared for the new chapter of life, also known as college, is a huge relief. After spending high school in a program specifically designed as a jump-start to college, it is assured that anyone will make it through college and succeed. Also, part of the program allows for job shadowing experience,and beyond this, it demands internships and service experiences for all students.

Experience in the field that these students plan on going into will help them to succeed after graduation.

Sean Bardol, also an incoming University student, explained why he chose the University program.

He said, “Like my parents, I've always wanted to start my own business. So getting the Associate’s in business will help me achieve what I would like to do in the future.”

As the new school year begins soon, many students will be preparing for the next big chapter of their lives–high school. They are excited to be part of something bigger here at Marquette and cannot wait to see what the next four years of MQTT-U have in store: internships, global travel, and hopefully, an Associate's degree.

As the first day of school on August 21 creeps closer, students at Marquette Catholic High School are looking forward to a successful academic year.