#1StudentNWI: Making a Splash in La Crosse and Wanatah

#1StudentNWI: Making a Splash in La Crosse and Wanatah
By: Madyson Ruzbasan Last Updated: July 6, 2017

Student Spotlight: Michelle Kazmierzak
Michelle Kazmierzak prides herself on being different. She likes it when she stands out from the crowd. She will be a junior at La Crosse High School this year. She is involved in sports in school, including softball and volleyball. She plays hard and loves being a part of a team.

La-Crosse-1Student-July-2017_02 When she is not giving her all on the field, she loves photography and to take care of her animals. She has several horses, cows, pigs, and goats. She shows all of these animals at fair each year, and loves doing it. She isn’t afraid to get dirty, and considers herself a cowgirl through and through.

Kazmierzak knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to go get it. She has the future wrapped around a bridle.

La-Crosse-1Student-July-2017_03 Summertime, and the Living’s Easy
Now that all of the students are off of school, they have got to find more creative ways to spend their time. Sitting at a desk watching time churn just doesn’t do it anymore, they want adventure; moreover, they want an experience. Now that we are rolling comfortably into July, events are starting to pop up where they might just be able to find the experience they are looking for.

Wanatah is a town that takes pride in its firework show and community togetherness, so the Fourth of July fits this expectation. Many of the people in and around the town have ways of finding their own fireworks and creating the fun themselves. Many students are hosting pool parties, and you can regularly see both adults and children running or walking around outside.

July 8th is the town’s official fireworks show. There will also be an open pit barbeque dinner, and several fun activities to take part in throughout the day. It kicks off with the Hawg Creek Duck Race, and the dinner. The fireworks start at dusk, and the party does not stop there for the older crowd. Persons over twenty-one are offered a dance at the American Legion.

The fireworks show and open pit barbeque are sure to be a nice time away from the daily stress of work, and a way to make up for all the time students now find themselves needing to spend.

La-Crosse-1Student-July-2017_04 Elephant Ear and Rabbit’s Foot
The La Porte County Fair begins this July 9th. It is recommended that anyone participating in this years 4-H check when their projects are due, as some are due before July 9th. For anyone working with animals, it is also recommended that you have them tagged and registered accordingly. Now all 4-H project registration is done online.

The La Porte County Fair will also feature several musical guests. This year’s acts are Big & Rich with special guest Bailey Brian on the twelfth, Granger Smith with special guest Stephen Neal on the thirteenth, and Scotty Mcreery with special guest Hoosier Highway on the 15th. Pit/VIP tickets for the Big & Rich concert are $50, track/box tickets are $40, and general admission is $30. Tickets for the pit/VIP at the Granger Smith concert are $40, track/box tickets are $30, and general admission is $20. Pit/VIP at the Scotty Mcreery concert are $35, track/box tickets are $25, and general admission is $15.

While musical guests and 4-H shows are always changing, the La Porte County Fair always comes with a few staples. The demolition derby is on the first day of the fair. Prices are $15 for teens and up, and $12 for twelve and below. July 10th is the second derby, the Figure Eight demolition derby. Prices are the same for both shows. On Tuesday, July 11th, people who think their vehicles are strong enough will participate in the NTPA Tractor Pull. Another demolition derby closes out the last day of the fair, the 14th.

These events are not the only things the fair has to offer. There are always several vendors set up on the long street the fair is centered around. They sell unorthodox food, like rabbit burgers, or offer a variety of signs to place on your lawn. You will never really know what you are about to get until you see it for yourself. There are also air-conditioned buildings that you can relax in out of the sun, because it does get hot.

While the La Porte County Fair isn’t much to look at from a far away standpoint, it still boasts a lot of fun activities, and offers a chance for the youth in the county to showcase their talents.