#1StudentNWI: La Porte High School helps students in need

#1StudentNWI: La Porte High School helps students in need

What’s happened recently

Since 2017, La Porte High School has had their own program for helping students in need; this program is called Slicer Champions Mentoring Program.

The program’s goal is to help students have an outlet to vent their frustrations to, receive schoolwork help from, and overall, just adopt an adult’s advice into their life.

Slicer Champions recruits mentors by spreading word of their program through businesses, civic clubs, and individuals in hopes of reaching someone who wants to apply to become a mentor and help students. This year, the program has been trying to gather mentors in hopes of helping even more students who are in need of support, specifically from adults.

The mentoring consists of the mentor and student sitting down and getting to know each other. They spend about 45 to 50 minutes each week together. Mentors will often ask their students about their weeks, go through homework, play games, or whatever the student has in mind. It is a chance to ensure every student has an adult to count on.

Students and mentors will usually stick together throughout the student’s entire school career excluding secondary-school options.

The list of benefits from being a mentee is endless. The impact of a caring adult in a student’s life can go a long way. Some students have to grow up without an adult in their life, the Slicer Champions is here to put an end to that. The mentors’ goal is to support the mentees and help them succeed in their futures.

“Being a mentor is a great way to give back to the community in a meaningful, personal way,” said Slicer Champions Program Specialist Julie Sinclair. “Students benefit from a compassionate and consistent adult in their lives. Mentors can have an impact on the long-term well-being of a student in big and small ways.”

Even throughout quarantine, mentees were still able to keep contact with their mentors. With precautions, the pairings still spoke with one another and tried helping as best as they could.

“Sometimes the mentor can encourage students in major ways like helping them with study habits and long-term career planning.  Other times it’s small but impactful ways like being attentive emotionally,” said Sinclair.

Slicer Champions is currently looking for adults interested in sharing their kindness and becoming a mentor. If interested, please check out the Slicer Champions site at http://www.lpcsc.k12.in.us/mentoring/

Student Spotlight

Sophomore Alayna Tuholski has made her mark at La Porte High School with her incredible artistic abilities.

Tuholski has been interested in art for as long as she can remember. She was always looking forward to art class in elementary school. Now that she’s in high school, that hasn’t changed.

“I always just enjoyed doing it when I was younger, especially making things like birthday cards and gifts for family members. I also got introduced to art more through my 4-H projects that I started when I was in third grade,” Tuholski said.

This year, Tuholski is exercising her skills in two of LPHS’ art classes: Drawing and Advanced 2D. Two months ago, Tuholski was named “Art Student of the Month” by art teacher Mr. Jason Turner.

“I had her as a freshman, and she was one of the most talented artists I had seen come in. She continues to develop her skills and is producing amazing work in my Advanced 2D class,” Turner said.

Tuholski loves all forms of art, but her favorite is acrylic painting, specifically big canvas paintings and murals. She even paints on her bedroom walls at home.

Tuholski’s biggest motivations are her family, interests, and improvements. 

“I think what definitely motivates me is just what I like. I have done a lot of paintings just for me of things that I enjoy like animals, colors, and people. I’m also because I want to get better and practice my art. I have done so many projects for my family from designing logos to giving Christmas presents. My family definitely motivates me to do better and to keep working,” Tuholski said.

Besides art, Tuholski is involved in cheerleading. She joined the cheer team her freshman year and plans to stick with it until she graduates. 

Tuholski has big plans for her bright future; many of these plans relate to her love for art.

“I hope to pursue a career in art when I am out of high school. I have considered architecture because it combines art and math which are my two best subjects. A dream of mine would be to attend Columbia College in Chicago and graduate with an art degree,” Tuholski said.

La Porte High School has high hopes for Tuholski and the path ahead of her.