#1StudentNWI: La Porte Slicers making school history

#1StudentNWI: La Porte Slicers making school history

What’s recently happened?

The La Porte Slicers Boys Cross Country team made history at La Porte High School (LPHS). On September 2, they ran at the competitive Harrison Invitational. Out of 27 teams, the Slicers came out on top for the first time in school history with a total of 86 points. 

Brayden Sobecki led the pack and came in fourth place with a time of 16:00; tying the 8th-best time in Slicer history. Right behind Sobecki in 12th place was Charles Tonagel with a time of 16:18. The third runner under 20th place was Preston Peterson with a time of 16:24. There were 189 runners in the boys varsity race. 

“We had a ton of personal bests and are putting in positive attitudes to keep improving,” Sobecki said.

Congratulations to all runners and a special shoutout to Hunter Quadlin and Liam Lilly for helping secure the Slicer win. 

What’s coming up?

Friday, September 15 is the annual football game against the Lake Central Indians. The Slicers get the advantage of having home territory and are hopeful to get a win. 

Last year, the Slicers lost 21-7 but with all of the training they have put in, they are going to give the Indians a challenge. 

The game starts at 7 p.m. at Kiwanis Field. Tickets are seven dollars unless you are a student who plays a fall sport, in which you will show them your event link pass. The theme is construction, so be sure to go out and support the Slicers. 

Staff spotlight:

New science teacher Michael Nichols has been a busy bee at LPHS. Nichols teaches Physics, AP Physics, and Integrated Chemistry/Physics while coaching girls cross country. 

Previously, he taught Earth and Space Science at Brown County High School for a semester, Biology and general science classes at Krueger Middle School, and general science at La Porte Middle School. 

Though Nichols has only been at the school for a few weeks, he loves how friendly the teachers are, how administrators have teachers' backs, and how lively the students are. 

Something Nichols is looking forward to this school year is learning how to teach new physics content and volunteering to help out at various student events. 

“Teaching has been my outlet for service to my community. I may not be starting a useful business or making life-saving medicine, but being a constant in students' lives and teaching them valuable skills makes a nearly immeasurable impact and I'm grateful to be part of that,” Nichols said. 

Nichols loves it when students show up to the classroom eager and ready to learn. He especially loves lab days where he can test and experiment with his students. 

Nichols takes his inspiration knowing everything is part of God’s creation. He looks for small things in his everyday life like family, cross country, and physics to enjoy and be grateful for. 

Nichols has recently had a baby boy, so balancing parenting, teaching, and coaching can be difficult at times. With the help of his wife, he is able to keep on top of all of it. 

“For now, it means that teaching is my job, being a parent is my responsibility, and coaching is my opportunity to have fun! There's not a whole lot of time left in the day for anything else, but I wouldn't have it any other way! If only we could get more hours in the day,” Nichols said. 

When the girls cross country head coach job became available, Nichols knew he had to apply. He ran cross country when he was in high school and wasn’t able to help his team advance to Semi-State. Since then, Nichols has grown and learned a lot about training and leadership. He wants each and every runner to meet their personal goals in and out of practice and have no regrets, knowing they left everything out on the field and in the classroom.

“Showing up is 80% of any job. Make a habit of it. The greatest indicator of success, however you define it, in any endeavor is how much time you've spent on it. Prioritize your life and get after it,” Nichols said.

In his free time, Nichols loves reading and watching movies with his wife. Recently he has been reading “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell and watching “Star Wars”. 

Student spotlight:

Senior Amelia Kaiser recently started her own permanent jewelry business - Simply Permanent.

Kaiser got her inspiration to start up her own business on a family vacation to Colorado. She wasn’t able to get a bracelet because they were booked up for a month and cost up to $200. She realized that this was something that she wanted to bring back to La Porte. She did lots of research and training and officially opened in July.

Kaiser is not only a business owner but a dedicated, hard-working student-athlete. She takes many honors and AP classes and practices golf and track after school. 

“It was difficult at first but this will help me to further grow as a person as well as help me to have better time and money management skills,” Kaiser said.

Kaiser has been thankful to have massive support from her friends, family, and coaches. Through them, she has been able to learn life lessons that many don’t learn until later in life. 

“Opening Simply Permanent has helped me to grow as a person and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” Kaiser said. 

Outside of running Simply Permanent and school, Kaiser loves to read, go shopping, play golf, and eat pickles. Kaiser loves fall as well and can be found in a seater drinking her pumpkin spice latte.