#1StudentNWI: La Lu students take on France

#1StudentNWI: La Lu students take on France

What's recently happened?

La Lumiere’s spring break ran from March 4 to March 19 and the Lakers were certainly busy.

La Lumiere (La Lu) hosted a France trip where they were able to take 20 students and three faculty members to Paris, Lille, and Bruges in Brussels. The trip consisted of immersing themselves in French culture, appreciating the history, and learning about the lifestyle. It was the perfect opportunity for French students to put their skills to the test, and for students who were curious about European history and culture to explore their interests. 

The trip ran through the first week of spring break as the Lakers powered through the jet lag and had an action-packed trip. From seeing the Louvre to doing a riverboat tour of Bruge, it is safe to say that the Lakers were certainly productive.

“It was an amazing opportunity to take my students to where I lived for several years and watch them apply what I have taught them over the years. I am extremely proud of this group and what they learned,” said French teacher Bridget Sendziak.

When the Lakers returned to campus, they certainly had a lot in store for them. 

Spring co-curriculars kicked off on Monday with the options of baseball, lacrosse, tennis, co-ed soccer, golf, personal fitness, academic super bowl, and spring theater. Students are required to participate in a co-curricular activity each season, and they must fulfill an athletic requirement as well.

On Friday, March 23, La Lumiere’s talent show was a great end to the first week as students were beginning to get back into the swing of everything. From magic acts to performances, the talent show had it all and was a “cannot-miss” event. 

What’s coming up? 

With the conclusions of the seniors’ last semester of high school also comes the Senior Retreat. A beloved tradition, the Senior Retreat is meant to serve as a way to tie together the community one last time before the seniors depart for the next adventure following graduation. 

On April 12, the students will go through a normal day of school, except at the end of the day they will depart, not knowing where they are going. 

The Senior Retreat is miraculously one of La Lu’s best-kept secrets as upperclassmen are not to reveal anything to the underclassmen. The seniors arrive at the location where they can bond and learn more about themselves and their peers as a last ‘hurrah’ moment to celebrate all that they have accomplished throughout the year. 

The retreat is entirely device-free, meaning students have all phones and electronics collected until April 14, when they return to campus. It is a great way to unplug for a couple of days and get to soak up the last moments of high school. 

One of the most anticipated traditions at La Lu, the Taste of La Lumiere, happens on Saturday, April 15. With a whole year’s worth of planning, the Hospitality Council led by Prefect Lydia Bailey, Senior Advisor for Student Services and Academic Events Susie Eguizabal, and Assistant Director of Advancements, Special Events, and Annual Funds, Torie Jaques all collaborated along with the students to create an event you will never forget.

With La Lumiere having such a diverse student body, they like to show off the different cultures represented through something everyone can enjoy: food. Students make over 70 different recipes and many groups even dress up in traditional outfits. 

Students are encouraged to form groups no larger than four people and make a dish or two from a culture that they are a part of. Whether it is an old family recipe or a way for one to connect with their own culture better by finding a recipe online, La Lu students and faculty never fail to make this night one that everyone adores. 

Teacher spotlight

Matt Buchanan is a long-time English teacher at La Lu, joining the community in 2009. He is currently the English Department Chair. He has taught Introduction to Literature, the Art of Rhetoric, American Literature, The Underdog and the American Dream, and many other courses. He has a bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and completed the elementary education credential program at UCSD the following year. 

He currently teaches every single freshman each year in order to improve their writing and literature comprehension skills. He loves to see his students' voices mature and develop as they work at their craft. 

“I love watching students find their writer's voices and gain the skills to analyze and connect literary texts,” Buchanan said.

One of the best things about La Lu for Buchanan is the small class sizes so he can truly connect with the students and learn their strengths and weaknesses. He will tailor his classes and exercises to prepare students for skills they will need in preparation for standardized tests and college. 

Student spotlight

Avery Tegt is a sophomore at La Lu from Chesterton, Indiana. She is very involved in the La Lu community, playing both soccer and tennis. Outside of school, she participates in dance, which she both teaches to younger kids and performs. 

She loves how La Lu has allowed her to become friends with so many different and unique people from so many different grade levels. She also went on the France trip over spring break where she was able to create so many memories with her friends as they experienced a foreign country together. 

“I never thought about coming to La Lu until my neighbor asked me if I was considering checking it out. I took her suggestion and when I visited the school, I fell in love with the environment and people,” Tegt said.

The thing that stood out most to Tegt when she initially visited is the beautiful campus La Lu has to offer with Lake Lumiere and the scenic woods. She was amazed that a school could have such a breathtaking view. 

She is thankful for the memories she has made and cannot believe that she is nearly halfway done with high school.