#1StudentNWI: fixin’ for fall at Westville High School

#1StudentNWI: fixin’ for fall at Westville High School

What’s recently happened? 

At Westville High School (WHS), our local chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) has been brainstorming numerous ideas on how to give back to our community and the people within it. 

NHS recently had a bake sale on September 23 during the Dig Pink game at WHS. Dig Pink is a boys and girls Varsity volleyball game that is for raising awareness of the many struggles surrounding breast cancer. WHS has been doing Dig Pink for many years, and it is always a fondly remembered night. 

During the game, members of the community who are battling breast cancer and those who have lost the fight to breast cancer were honored during a ceremony. Members of the NHS baked up some delicious treats for the sale which sold out quickly. Numerous members of the NHS volunteered for this momentous occasion.

 Part of the proceeds from the baked goods went to the American Breast Cancer Foundation and the local chapter of NHS. The turnout of the bake sale and game was incredible. The bake sale had the support of many members of the community, along with many familiar faces of staff and students. 

What’s coming up? 

Westville High School is bringing back a beloved event, Trick or Treat Around the Track. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event has been on hold for two years, much to the dismay of many staff and students at WHS.

Typically, Trick or Treat Around the Track takes place a few days before Halloween. This year, the event is being held on October 28. Many attendees show up to the event in elaborate costumes from television or other recognizable source material. Volunteers from WHS and the community will hand out candy around the track to children and all those who attend. 

This year, the local chapter of NHS and other organizations will be volunteering at this event, similar to years past. 

NHS will be passing out candy and will be partaking in a themed, group costume. The Student Council will collect canned goods and other non-perishable food items for the community. 

Some other exciting activities besides the Halloween classic of trick-or-treating will be on the roster. A dunk tank will be available for those who want to try their hand at knocking a student or staff member into the water. A haunted hallway will take the place of the typical haunted house that one would see during spooky festivities. There are more food options available other than delicious sweets. Food trucks will be near the track field for people who do not want to indulge in the candy provided. The students, staff, and members of the Westville will make this Trick or Treat Around the Track a day to remember. 

Staff spotlight 

Emily Wagner has been teaching English at Westville High School for several years and has brought joy to countless students and staff in this tight-knit community. Wagner knew that she’s always wanted to work with adolescents and it has always been her goal to be a teacher. 

Before becoming a teacher, Wager worked at the Department of Child Services and was a daycare worker teaching Pre-K students. 

“I wanted to work with kids, I wanted to help kids, that has always been my goal,” Wagner said. 

English has always been a favorite subject for Wagner and she has had many memorable experiences with English in high school and college. She enjoys reading in her free time and always has a book recommendation ready for her students. Wagner also loves to write and teaches a Creative Writing class at Westville. She is the go-to person for help on any English-related topics. 

“I know English isn’t everyone’s favorite subject, so I just hope I make it somewhat fun for them and they can at least find one story they like,” Wagner said when referring to her students. 

Wagner wears many hats and directs after-school activities such as the National Honor Society, Dungeons and Dragons Club, and Drama Club. 

“I get to see kids and still talk to kids that I don’t have in class anymore, so I get to catch up with you guys,” she said. 

Wagner’s ultimate goal is to give students the life skills and knowledge they need for high school and beyond. She is someone that will listen with open ears about any problem one might have. 

“I try to inspire my students by having a positive attitude every day, by letting them know they can do it, just because they don’t think they can,” Wagner said. 

Without Emily Wagner’s positive attitude and spirit, WHS would surely lose a special part of what it stands for. 

Student spotlight 

Angelina Clayton is a Senior at WHS. Clayton has been a part of Westville for nine years, including her time in elementary school. 

“I like that we’re a smaller community where everybody knows each other. If somebody is going through something, you always have someone to lean on,” Clayton said.

As a senior, Clayton cannot wait to graduate and experience college life. Her long-term goal during her final year of high school is to apply to college and stay on track to graduate by keeping her grades up. 

“I can’t wait to make new friends at college and experience new things outside of Westville.”

Clayton takes her academics seriously and is enrolled in many Dual Credit and AP classes. The staff and students here at Westville inspire and motivate her. 

“They encourage me to do better, and even when I think I've done my best, they continue to push me,” Clayton said. 

“You can do anything you put your mind to, and don’t let anyone tell you, you are inferior.”

Angelina Clayton, known as “Angie” to most, always has a fantastic attitude and a determined drive. Clayton is an example of an all-around genuine person. Her positivity is contagious and something to live by.