#1StudentNWI: Excited for New Beginnings at La Porte High School

LaporteHighSchoolSummer1Championship Wednesday

This summer La Porte High School Athletics has created a new program to promote summer conditioning for all athletes. This new program is called Championship Wednesdays. Every Wednesday athletes of all different sports come together for an hour conditioning practice. Here athletes work on endurance, strength, and agility.

Junior Courtney Lindquist said, “My favorite part about the new conditioning program is having every athlete working together and supporting one another as we all improve. We not only bond as individual teams but as an athletic program as well.”

Coaches from all different sports incorporate drills to give athletes a variety of exercises to use in and out of season. The importance of conditioning in the off-season is to maintain and improve skills.

Summer Sport Camps

Each summer sports teams from the high school host summer camps to help young athletes improve their skills. Each team works on strength training along with overall skills. Sports teams that host camps include volleyball and basketball.

Returning members of those teams are used as coaches or helpers at the week-long camps. Young athletes attending the camps enjoy learning from high school athletes.

Not only do La Porte athletes host camps, but many attend summer sport camps as well. Many athletes travel to colleges such as Indiana University and Purdue University to work side by side with college athletes. Any athletes who have the opportunity to learn from a college athlete consider themselves lucky.

Upcoming Events

Fresh Start

As the school year is fast approaching many students look forward to a fresh start. New classes, new teachers, new friends. Freshmen look forward to finally being in the high school and seniors are anxious to get their last year started. Juniors are mentally preparing themselves for their hardest year of high school.

Many teachers are excited to start working with their new classes. For some students, a new school year is a fresh start. Many students have the opportunity to make a better reputation for themselves. Other students look forward to meeting up with their friends.

Football players are getting ready to start their season. Any returning athletes are looking forward to making another run for a state championship. While other teams are hoping to make their season the best one yet. Each year athletes are eager to play their best against their archrivals. The start of the new season presents many new opportunities for most athletes.

LaporteHighSchoolSummer2Student Shout Out:

Emma Folglesong, an upcoming senior, takes every opportunity she is given. Folglesong is co-editor of the yearbook alongside with Kate Ulmer. Not only has Folglesong taken the opportunity to create a work of art for many to enjoy, but she has also chosen to serve her country.

As of April of this year, Folglesong trains with the military twice a week and works out everyday in order to be ready for her basic training, which starts in June of 2016.

“I joined the military because of the inspiration I got from my grandpas and great grandfather; they were all in the army.”

Folglesong has yet to determine if she wants to make the military her career or apply the skills into a new field of study.

Folglesong is also honored to be an editor of the yearbook.

“I am so proud of what my yearbook staff family put together last year, and I can’t wait to tackle and put out an amazing book for my senior classmates along with the rest of my school.” As an editor, Folglesong gets to design the theme, cover, and many of the spreads used in the book. Folglesong is very excited about this year’s theme and can’t wait to see the finished product.

LaporteHighSchoolSummer3Teacher Shout Out:

Mr. Doty, a science teacher at LPHS, is a student favorite. He finds ways to make the normal classroom setting extraordinary. Doty primarily teaches freshman biology classes. Although most students have him as a freshman, many still spend time talking with him in the mornings.

As far as the classroom goes, Doty tells kids how it is. He believes that every student can succeed, but sometimes they need a wake-up call.

Senior Kennedie Anderson says, “My favorite thing about Mr. Doty is that he is super easy to talk to. Whether it is about school, needing help in a different class, or just because I am having a bad day he is the best person to talk to. Also, he has the right amount of sarcasm to be serious and funny at the same time.”

Doty is a great advisor for all kinds of students. He knows how to push each individual student to his or her full potential. Doty also enjoys trying to beat out other teachers in follower wars on twitter. Students have a blast seeing who will come out on top. Mr. Doty always seems to have a new way to make the average day a little more exciting.