#1StudentNWI: Arts and Theater at Marquette Catholic

#1StudentNWI: Arts and Theater at Marquette Catholic
By: Rory Neary Last Updated: March 13, 2018

Student Spotlight

Abigailjane Morelli loves the arts. She is currently a freshman at Marquette and is very passionate about the arts. She takes painting class with the infamous Mr. Shelton and is also a member of Art in Action.

Morelli said, “I enjoy Art in Action because it is an easy way to be able to make someone smile when they receive your creation.”

While she enjoys making physical art, Morelli also “enjoys making digital art." Her style can be described as “realistic style with paint, digital programs and graphite.”

Her extracurriculars also consist of art: “In my free time, I enjoy doing art projects for my portfolio.”

Morelli doesn’t have one inspiration for her masterpieces but likes to browse through other artists’ work and brainstorm her ideas off of them. But why does she really enjoy art?

“I enjoy art in general because it is a cool and unique way to express yourself,” explained Morelli.

Teacher Spotlight

1Student-Marquette-March-2018-02If there’s someone who loves art, it’s Mr. Edwin Shelton. Mr. Shelton is the art teacher at Marquette and teaches Intro to 2D and 3D art, Photography, Painting, and Ceramics. He has been a teacher for five years starting with a project at Marquette for students at St. Stanislaus grade school. This is his second year at Marquette and loves teaching.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for art with students. I want to encourage their creativity no matter what career they may pursue. I am very grateful to be an art teacher too,” explained Shelton.

Shelton’s informs his teaching philosophy on the idea that everyone has potential.

“Everyone is talented if they allow themselves. Our cultural is very visual. I also want to provide basic visual literacy, so the students can communicate their ideas,” said Shelton.

In addition to teaching, Mr. Shelton runs Art in Action and works on his own art projects. Shelton attended the Virginia Commonwealth University for sculpture and went on to graduate school at University of Wisconsin-Madison where he received his Master of Fine Art.

His wife, Laurel Izard, and he created a business “Izwin” selling ceramics for a while. Then he moved on to the Lubeznik Center for the Arts where he was a program director, and then his teaching career began.

From artist to artist his advice is “to make art for yourself. I would also strongly encourage networking in art communities, galleries, and online.”

“To me, art is alive and infinite. Art is very unpredictable. It is an undiscovered realm of the imagination. I feel triple blessed to be the art teacher at Marquette Catholic High School,” said Shelton.

What recently happened

How can service be combined with the arts? That’s easy for Marquette: Art in Action club. Every Tuesday and Thursday after school, students have the opportunity to create art projects for those in need. Projects range depending on the season. For example, recently, students designed Easter cards and “wrote supportive messages for the villagers at Sharing Meadows.” In other seasons such as wintertime, Crystal Arteaga said, “I have also worked on hats for students at our sister school in New Jersey.”

Why do the students enjoy Art in Action? Mason Hervey said, “I like Art in Action because it gives back to the community in a fun, creative, and positive way. I get to have fun with friends, help people in need, and it’s overall just a great way to relax while doing something productive for our community.”

Arteaga added, “It gives me an opportunity to make art and hopefully make someone’s day better. I like art in general because it gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves in whatever way they find best to be. Through art, you express feelings and become very creative.”

What’s coming up

1Student-Marquette-March-2018-03The spring musical being performed at Marquette is Seussical the Musical. It is exactly what it sounds like: a musical based on the famous children’s books of Dr. Seuss. The musical is bursting with creativity and perfect for young children. It is about the wild imagination of a young boy and an elephant trying to save a tiny planet.

Molly Neary explained, “The musical is a story of Dr. Seuss’s creativity with the jungle and a planet on a small speck of dust where a boy named Jojo lives.”

You have six opportunities to come and watch this masterpiece: opening night is Friday, March 9. The show is at 7pm on March 9, 10, 16, and 17. On March 11 and 18, the show is at 2pm in the afternoon.

Ellie Williams, who plays Yertle the Turtle said, “Everyone should come see the play because it is a really fun and interesting show that will put a smile on anyone’s face.”

A unique part of the show is that middle-schoolers from the region were invited to participate as “Whos." Ava Zientarski, an eighth grader from Queen of All Saints school took advantage of the opportunity.

Zientarski said, “The cast is really fun to be around, and I love all the people doing this. I have been doing this for so long, and I plan on going into the performing arts, so it’s a great experience.”

The cast and crew have really come together as a family; Kacey Marovich, an eighth grader from St. Patrick’s school agreed saying, “I love the performing arts, and plan on going into them because you are joining a big family.” So come out and support the arts!