1st Source Bank hopes to make the world a better place with community banking

1st Source Bank hopes to make the world a better place with community banking

Community banking sounds like a simple idea on the surface, but when put into practice, it means that institutions such as 1st Source Bank work from an entirely different, people-first philosophy, building a vast network of deep roots in the communities they serve. It's something you're not likely to find with national or international banks.

“Service, caring for others, doing things the right way, and being in it for the long haul,” said Matt Vessely, Regional President at 1st Source Bank, “that’s what defines the community banking approach, and it’s what the culture here is all about. I love it because it aligns well with my own personal style and culture, and it shows our clients and communities we value them deeply.”

At a community bank, interactions with customers are not simply transactions. 1st Source Bank focuses on building relationships and understanding the specific needs of their local community.

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“I learned early on that there are so many people that genuinely care about what is going on, not just with the bank, but with each customer that walks through the door,” Vessely said. “Being a part of 1st Source Bank is about being genuine and coming into things with a mindset of serving others. That mindset drives so much of what we do and how we serve our clients and communities every day. It’s really fulfilling!”

One of the biggest differences in a community bank is that the employees are almost always residents and active members of the communities they serve. For 1st Source Bank, that is especially true.

“One of our values is that we’ll be in leadership positions around the communities we serve,” Vessely said. “There is an expectation of our team members, and everyone takes a lot of pride in that, particularly because we share a genuine desire to better our communities through service and leadership.”

1st Source Bank backs up their employees’ efforts with financial contributions and by helping local businesses thrive. Over the last few months alone, they committed more than $600,000 to United Way branches in 18 counties across Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan to assist with COVID-19 relief efforts.

“Community banking is so vital to the communities that we’re in,” Vessely said. “When I look at what we do and the role we play, be it through our employees’ efforts or our financial contributions to projects that help bring things to life, I think about what would happen if that wasn’t there.”

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Vessely said that community banking ultimately comes down to one idea – making a difference.

“That’s what we’re trying to do at 1st Source Bank, make a difference,” he said. “We’re aiming to make people’s lives better through the work we do with our customers, and hope that in the long haul that will make the world a better place."

To learn more about 1st Source Bank, visit www.1stsource.com.