1st Source Bank Donates $3,200 to Frontline Foundations for New Cafe Supercharge

1st Source Bank Donates $3,200 to Frontline Foundations for New Cafe Supercharge

As a community bank, 1st Source Bank is always looking for opportunities to reach out. 1st Source has established a strong working relationship with Frontline Foundations Inc. over the years due to its positive impression on the community.

Frontline Foundations is a Certified Addiction Services Outpatient Treatment Provider that remains true to the creative recovery and effective treatment of their clients. The foundation provides individual treatment, group counseling, friend and family support, as well as music and art based recovery programs for clients.

1st Source presented a check to Frontline to bring a dream to life. The $3,200 donation sponsored a grant for their newly established cafe that will be available to clients as well as the public.

“Café Supercharge” offers a variety of healthy options and alternatives. With names such as Positivi-Tea Coffee and Green Lightning Superhero Smoothie, these selections offer an encouraging twist to the cafe experience.

The grant sponsored by 1st Source will be used for fresh fruit, coffee grounds, and meal supplies for Café Supercharged.

Tricia Lahey, Assistant Vice President at 1st Source Bank in Chesterton, is a volunteer and board member at Frontline. She spoke on the passion that exists within the organization.

“We know that this is an issue that affects everyone community-wide. The passion I see from the volunteers, counselors, and staff at Frontline is why we want to be a part of it,” Lahey said.

Frontline recognizes the impact that art and other creative outlets can have on the recovery process, and how they enhance and encourage self-expression and artistic ability.

The Arts Recovery Program is led by local artists and professional substance abuse counselors as they use a variety of mediums. Many pieces are then converted to apparel for purchase. Additionally, the music based recovery program, The Salt Exchange, offers an in-house professional recording studio for clients to document their journey through music.

“The money that is made from the art, music, apparel, and now the café goes into a scholarship fund for future clients,” said Christine Michiaels, the Recovery Coordinator at Frontline Foundations. “We don’t turn anyone away, regardless of financial status.”Lyrics from the music created at Frontline drenches the walls as one travels through the center of the building, a reminder that everyone is going through their own special journey.

Every Friday, Frontline offers an opportunity for their clients and community to engage and listen to music created by The Salt Exchange.

Matt Vessely, Regional President at 1st Source Bank, spoke about why Frontline is important to the bank and their clients.

“Frontline is in tune with the nature of the issues they are dealing with," Vessely said. "They are finding creative ways to be impactful in their recovery programs, and it's working. They are changing lives and in doing so, making a difference in our community." 

Frontline Foundations hopes to make a difference in many lives and offer creative services to those in need. This type of service can only be possible with the multitudes of volunteers and sponsors, such as 1st Source Bank, that support them. If you are interested in Frontline and their mission, visit http://www.frontlinefoundations.com/ or visit https://theartisticrecovery.com/ to purchase any client based art or music.

If you are interested in 1st Source and their outreach into the community, visit https://www.1stsource.com/.